China Clay Teapots

Yixing Handmade Antique Pot Accommodate Everything Big Red Bobe
Weight: 600g
Model: LCQDHPHDZWFG-51305865718
product details

Product name:Accommodate Everything Pot

Producer:Chinese artisans

Mud material:Big Red Bobe


Craft art:handmade

Place of origin:Yixing

The antique pot originated from the drums on the ancient battlefield. The drums used as a tool to boost morale when the two armies confronted each other. They praised the   drums and cheered them. They said that it was the antique drum.More than 20 kinds of Chinese traditional drums originated in the Central Plains.Although the size is   different, they are almost all thick and thin.According to records, in the Qing Dynasty, Shao Daheng was first created. The original meaning was that the pot body was   modeled after the drum type. Later generations imitation of this pot shape became the meaning of the antique pot type.The antique pot is one of the classic Zisha pots.   After hundreds of years of innumerable masters, it can be described as pure.


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