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Secondly, we look at the value of the teapot, depending on whether it is a beautiful classic shape, Ceramic Teapot Ideas is not a beautiful good. We cant think that the quirky, bellwhistling pot shape is a good pot. Many of these pots are just fierce, prime, or shallow.The basis for the pricing of the teapot is look at the phase of the purple sand. Second, look at the good and bad of the art Ceramic Teapot Infuser form.All the elements of manual, semimanual, workmanship, modeling, mud, and the name and title of the potter will have an impact on the overall value of the teapot, not by a certain local factor.I hope that the content shared today will help Ceramic Teapot Ikea everyone. If you have doubts about the teapot, you can exchange more. I am looking forward to learning purple sand and discussing purple sand with everyone.

On the question of how to buy a purple sand cup, I have specially made an analysis before. Today, Ceramic Teapot In Microwave another pot friend asked me, saying that he wants to buy a purple sand cup, which is usually used in the office. The budget is no more than 200 yuan. If there is any reliable one, you can recommend it. Later, I sent a link to a Ceramic Teapot Instructions domestic brand glass and attached the following three explanationsIn the eyes of the purple sand craftsman, what kind of existence is the purple sand cup?Make pot demonstration, purple sand system

From the historical point of view, the position of the cup in the purple sander is much lower than Ceramic Teapot Images the pot. For example, everyone said that the teapot is a business card of Yixing, when I said that Zisha Cup is a business card of Yixing? For example, we often say that Gu Jingzhous teapot is a must, when I heard that Gu Jingzhous Ceramic Teapot In Japan teacup is a must? Even if it is a bluffing business, they all call themselves masters of making pots.When you heard who called themselves masters of cups?raw embryo, purple sand system

From the perspective of reality, it is not worth spending too much on the cup. You know, for the Ceramic Teapot With Infuser purple sand craftsman, if you really want to make a purple sand cup, it is not a simple matter. With the same time and effort, you can make a teapot. Then the problem comes. Most of the Ceramic Inside Teapot pot friends can still accept a 2000 yuan teapot, but if a purple sand cup sells 2,000 yuan, everyone will think that I want money to be crazy.

In the long run, most craftsmen are naturally reluctant to spend too much thought on the purple sand cup. After all, the price is not competitive. Ceramic Italian Teapot Once there is no market, what can be done without selling, what craftsmen still have to support their families? Take me for myself, 30 years since I started my business, Zisha Cup has only done Teapot Ceramic Inside one Shuiyue Cave Day, and there is no plan to make other styles in the future.What kinds of grades can you generally divide into purple sand cups sold on the market?A treasure purple sand cup · rough goods

The purple sand cup below 100 yuan is usually rough for grouting, handdrawn, and locomotive molding. The Ceramic In Teapot workmanship is quite rough, and the material is basically irrelevant to the purple sand. The purple sand cup of 100 yuan to 500 yuan is probably a refined version of grouting, handdrawn, locomotive, and Ceramic Teapot With Infuser Uk roll forming. It will make some delicate decals on the basis of the situation.a treasure purple sand cup · intensive edition

The purple sand cup of 500 yuan to 1000 yuan is still the most refined and upgraded version of Ceramic Teapot Online India grouting, handdrawn, locomotive and roll forming. The decals should be more refined. At the same time, there are some semimanually shaped cups with different shapes. . As for the handmade purple sand cup, the price is the same as the pot, usually Ceramic Teapot Made In Japan more than 1,000 yuan.Pick the purple sand cup, you need to pay attention to the four aspects!First of all, to lose the prejudice of the cup is not as good as the pot, use the method of picking the teapot to pick the purple sand cup.

Secondly, the first material of the mud, the choice of Japanese Ceramic Teapot purple mud, clear cement and other mud materials, such materials are easy to compare, after the cup is physically ready, and the other pots of mud material visual comparison, the high and low will come out.In addition, in terms of the shape, if Japanese Ceramic Teapot Set there are conditions, try not to choose the regular cylindrical cup body, because this shape is the hardest hit area of grouting, handdrawn, locomotive, and roll forming, and the shape and irregular cup are preferred.In addition, it is not recommended to Japanese Ceramic Teapot With Strainer choose a purple sand cup that is too cumbersome. Even if it is authentic, the actual cleaning is very troublesome and the use is not friendly.

The current purple sand market can be said to be chaotic, and the teapots on the market are mixed. The fraud and imitation methods that the unscrupulous Jansen Ceramic Teapot merchants have mastered can already be done in a false manner, which makes many teapot lovers annoyed.Faced with such a market environment, the pot friends should learn to identify the various knowledge of the teapot and constantly improve their discriminating Jingdezhen Ceramic Teapot ability. Xiao Jiang offers several suggestions here, hoping to help the majority of the potters to improve their own level.

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