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How to evaluate these stylings is also the benevolent sees benevolence,the wise sees wisdom,and each person has love and cannot be forced.There are so many pots in the teapot,we shouldnt think of which pot type is good and which one is not good.Just like the art genre,there is no good or bad,but the show of this genre can be seen as good or bad.I think that White Ceramic Teapots Wholesale the ancients are the best,the second is the big ones,the second is the fine ones,and the fun is second.What is the truth? Because the teapot pot belongs to the whole tea culture,the artistic conception it pursues should be the artistic conception pursued by the tea ceremony Indifferent peace,extraordinary and refined,and the ancient is the most harmonious with this atmosphere,so the ancient is the best.

Points,lines,and faces are the basic elements that make up the shape of the purple sand pot.In the process of forming the teapot,it must be clearly explained.Just like the painting of the pen,it is necessary to clarify the pen,the turning and the bending.The surface must be light,the hair should be hairy; the line must be straight and straight,and the song must be Decorative Ceramic Teapots Wholesale curved; the point,the square must be square,the circle must be round,and there must be no ambiguity.Otherwise,it is not a good pot.According to the special requirements of the teapot forming process,the spout and the pot handle should be absolutely in line,and the weight should be balanced; the combination of the spout and the lid should be strictly prohibited.This is also the requirement of work.

The purely handmade purple sand tea set is very different from the machine made.Its really fine workmanship,overall beautiful,and the surface of the pot feels rough.Traditionally,the teapot has been priced at a persons price,and the name of the famous name is 100 times.Especially prominent in the commodity society.In this way,many imitations of famous artists are easy to appear in the market.Counterfeit counterfeits are not uncommon.

The biggest difference between the teapot and other works of art is that it is a very practical art.Its art is all in the use.If you lose the meaning of use,the art is no longer presence.Therefore,we Etsy Vintage Ceramic Teapots must not ignore the functional beauty of the pot.The beauty of the teapotFirst,the capacity is moderateSecond,the high and lowThird,the cover is tightFourth,the water is smooth

According to the current tea drinking habits of southern Chinese including Hong Kong and Taiwan),two to five people will drink.It is best to use a capacity of 350 ml.Its capacity is just about four cups,and the hand touches the hand,only one hand,so it is called one hand pot. The height and height of the teapot are useful.High pot small,should be soaked in black tea; low pot large,should be green tea,but must be moderate,too high tea is odorless,too short,tea is easy to overflow from the cover,making the scenery a big brake.In the scenery Antique Chinese Yixing Pottery Teapots of the brakes,there is also a poor water in the spout.A few small pearl teas are in the pot,and they are all big leaves.It is easy to block out.At present,the pot has changed the spout according to the habit of the tea drinker.Make the water flow clearer than before.It is required that the lid of the pot is tight,so that the water of the pot can fall into the tea sea without falling into the pot.It seems that the relationship with the functional beauty is not really practical,and it is not worth mentioning.All of these are public standards.

Teapot cultureOne of the most important factors in the origin,development and fame of Zisha pot art is its unique highquality,famous purple sand mud.There are many places in Zisha.Why is Yixings Zisha pot so famous? It is not just exquisite craftsmanship,the masters come Blue And White Pottery Teapot forth in large numbers.The real reason is that Yixings purple sand has excellent texture and high iron content.After firing,the water absorption rate and exhaust rate are good.It is used to make tea,color,fragrance and taste.good.Therefore,judging whether it is a good pot,the first criterion is to look at the mud,is it the authentic Yixing mine purple sand.

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