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The color is too bright and not desirable. The color is too bright is often the result of adding chemical materials. Today's process is much better than that of the stateowned factory. The granules are thoroughly pulverized and can be evenly distributed in the mud. The naked eye is invisible. . Too red and red iron powder has been added. Now Zhu Mu is the most extensive in the disasterstricken area. It is difficult to distinguish without professional training, but it is easier to distinguish it by comparing it with genuine products.

Carefully purchase the clay pot of rare mud. It includes a factory pot,azuremud,Dahongpao, purple eggplant mud, dragon blood sand, black star soil, gold section, red skin dragon, Republican green, peach flower mud, Benshan green mud, etc. . Why buy carefully, because these rare muds are authentic, but very rare, to buy a platform channel that needs to choose a formal professional.

zhuni teapot.png

There is also the choice to buy a teapot to see if it has a sense of beauty, proportional coordination, make people feel comfortable, and then look at the fine workmanship, high quality mud, but also look at the author and price, but do not rely too much on the title. Some purple sand new people are excessively pursuing the "world..." "national level..." and so on. In fact, these do not all represent their professional level. It is not that the title has no value, but not over-reliance.

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