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Can I Put A Ceramic Teapot On The Stove

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The grouting pot is also not purple sand in terms of raw materials and technology. Only two hundred mesh mud can be grouted. Similarly, glass water is added. Such mud also loses the breathability of purple sand. Grouting process Grouting pots are all formed in batches with low cost and rough workmanship. Typical grouting pot spraying, powder slurry, color mixing pot spraying, powder slurry pot is a counterfeit pot appeared in recent years, its essence is a purple sand pot, but after spraying, powder slurry to make the appearance Bella Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle of the pot color, fake Some famous mud. Commonly used for shotcrete coloring are clear cement shotcrete to increase the red, posing as Dahongpao mud; shotcrete to adjust the blue and green, posing as azure mud, etc. Shotcrete fake azure mud is also relatively obvious, its color is not correct, a slight bump can be seen inside the natural color mud. The oldfashioned pots and oldfashioned pots include old pots carved in new pots, celebrity pots in old pots, polished pastes, etc. The first two require a certain understanding of the author's work and identify the print Difference and style of work. Big Bin

The latter is to polish the new pot into a fake paste, and then bury the soil and ash, and even make the old pot with shoe polish. The new pot is old and the old pot is dirty and messy, except for the bottom section. Generally, the outside is to make the old pot feel. One is particularly dirty and the other is particularly bright. It is relatively easy to distinguish. Play pots and buy pots must be cautious. Be sure to start thinking about them before you start. Do not impulse consumption. Otherwise, you can buy the above types of pots. It really Amazon Bella Electric Ceramic Kettle lowers the level of playing pots. Life is like tea. Enjoy a cup of fragrant tea, the fragrance is overflowing, and the charm is endless. In reading, Ren Sisi's delicate fragrance dilutes and sinks, precipitates thoughts, and realizes life from it! Zisha and tea culture complement each other, an incomparable combination. This is a unique effect that can only be exerted by the artistic civilization handed down through historical origins and craftsmanship. A good pot, filled with the vicissitudes of the next years, sees the joys and sorrows of the world.

The integration of calligraphy, seal engraving, and painting, which is displayed on the purple sand pot, is the essence of Chinese culture. The molding art of purple sand unifies the essence of many Chinese cultures and forms an extremely elegant cultural and artistic temperament. Zisha is a kind of natural clay, rich in iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc and other elements. It can improve the immunity of the human body for a long time. For the aroma of tea, tea leaves are occasionally left in the purple tea pot with regular tea, and the Bella 13622 Electric Ceramic Kettle Flower Pattern water also has the fragrance of tea. Therefore, a good pot is inseparable from genuine materials and ingenuity. Hello everyone, I am the treasurer. Yixing, Jiangsu, has been an old craftsman for most of his life. I am old and my body is not good, so I have been in the workshop in recent years, and now I am mainly engaged in genuine purple sand pot business. I signed a few good Zisha pot masters in Yixing. The minerals are processed by the authentic Zisha of the local mine. I do n’t know how to surf the Internet. My daughterinlaw supplies goods to some physical stores in Shanghai and also helps me use WeChat to sell in the circle of friends.

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