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Can You Put A Ceramic Teapot On The Stove

Issuing time:2019-12-04 10:14Author:Zisha Clay Teapot

According to the national standard of purple sand pottery, there are strict control indicators for lead and cadmium, which are harmful substances in purple sand pottery. The amount of lead dissolution is required to be 0.3%, and industry insiders said that every batch of mud from regular processing enterprises will be sent to the And other harmful substances to test to see if it meets national standards. Citizens are advised to check the quality inspection report of harmful substances when purchasing purple sand pottery products such How Do I Drill A Hole In A Ceramic Teapot as purple sand pots. Nowadays, it is not common to make tea with a purple sand pot, but after all, it is also relatively niche, and among the pot friends in this circle, the reasons for loving purple sand are different. If you divide the pot friends into five categories, why not look at your category? I like traditional culture. Since ancient times, the purple sand pot has been the standard for literati and writers. The purple sand pot also represents a kind of Chinese life, which is a microcosm of traditional culture. Therefore, most of this kind of pot friends love traditional culture, follow the legacy of ancient times, appreciate the traditional Chinese aesthetics, and most of them are literature lovers. Under the setting sun, make tea with purple sand and dream back for a hundred years without comments. Pay attention to the quality of life Zisha teapot is also a vessel for making tea in the end, but it is indeed the best vessel for making tea.

For making tea, you can use porcelain, glass, etc., and use purple sand pot to make tea. For this type of pot friends, the reason is two words: pay attention. This kind of pot friends have requirements on the quality of life, not casual, and life needs to be particular about it, so naturally use a purple sand pot for tea, and look for the best match. Among this kind of pot friends, there are even different pots according to different teas to achieve the best tea making effect. People who pay attention to health, such as pot friends, pay much How To Drill A Hole In A Ceramic Teapot attention to their physical health. Tea is not separated from the pot. Drinking the right tea helps to maintain health, and the purple sand pot plays a supporting role. Purple sand also contains a small amount of iron ions, which can neutralize chlorine and fluorine in water. Zisha pots drink tea to nourish their stomachs, which is why those who pay attention to health choose purple sand pots. The investment collection enthusiast Zisha pot is not only a utility, but also a work of art to a certain extent. At the auction, millions of and millions of purple sand works are famous masterpieces, such as Shi Dabin, Chen Mansheng, Chen Mingyuan, Shao Daheng, Gu Jingzhou and so on.

So there is also a class of pot friends who appreciate the appreciation of investment collections, and Zisha pots are also divided into practical, collection, and investment grades. Of course, the premise of this piece is that you already have a good understanding of the purple sand pot, and novices should not come in blindly. Those who like this kind of pottery are very broad. Maybe the grandfather at home likes it, and he likes it; maybe just drinking tea at a friend's place and seeing it, like it ... Anyway, just like ... how about this? Are you among Bella Electric Ceramic Kettle Parts the five? If not, let's talk about how you like the purple pot. Many people who have been planting flowers for a long time will want to challenge more difficult skills, so some people start playing bonsai. In addition to making potted plants more valuable and ornamental, it can also improve the technology of flower cultivation, combining flower cultivation and horticultural modeling to achieve harmony between man and nature. Playing bonsai is not so easy, but some people not only cultivate bonsai well, but also give the plants a very special flower pot, which is the old teapot at home.

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