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Issuing time:2019-12-13 15:12Author:Zisha Clay Teapot

Identify the true and false of the sand pot, just as the identification of painting and calligraphy, Daze Ceramic Teapot first of all to enhance the rationality to recognize the perceptual knowledge, rational is to cultivate their own academic literacy, in order to improve the aesthetic sense; the second is to exchange views Danish Ceramic Teapot and see each others works. Improve sensibility, explore and the style of some famous writers, techniques, techniques and techniques, use the habit of raw mud, the characteristics of the seal, grasp the key basis, and gradually accumulate experience.

It is natural for a discerning person to identify the authenticity. In any kind of art, an accomplished leader must have his own side of the hard work. This refers to two aspects of art and Dartington Ceramic Teapot skill. These inner essentials are the socalled personal style and rhyme, which is the socalled inspiration. It is absolutely not easy to get the essentials. If a person who is deliberately falsified can have a transcendental understanding, then he is Drill Ceramic Teapot already a great individual. Why do you have to fake others and blame yourself? Therefore, it is true that it is really born, and it will never be true. It is absolutely shameful to falsify such behaviors only for those who do not make money.

Regarding the identification of the purple sand pot, what do Ceramic Teapot Electric Kettle you say about the Zisha Taidou Gu Jingzhou?

In addition, there is a need to discuss the issue of antique counterfeiting in the history of purple Ceramic Teapot Etsy sand. From the middle of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, there has also been a wave of imitating ancient famous works. It is copied and reproduced by celebrity transmitters; Ceramic Teapot Electric it is designed and produced by the antiques merchants according to the name of the sand art history. Through the speculations of the craftsmen, the things are constantly improving, and the science and technology are greatly improved. Therefore, comparing Ceramic Teapot Ebay imitations with ancient transmissions shows the superior level of future generations of imitations. As for the outstanding individuals who have been extended to the middle of the Qing Dynasty, such as Chen Mingyuan and Shao Daheng, despite the skill of the copying techniques, they feel that they are not Ceramic Teapot England able to get caught in the charm, and they are inevitably different from the difference between jade and Yanshi. .

However, such works have been passed down to the present day, and once they are acquired by the Electric Ceramic Teapot good deeds, of course, they are still worthy of the value of the collection. It should be different from the modern counterfeit counterfeit products, and it is even more different from the fake fake Ceramic Elephant Teapot fake and counterfeit products that have appeared in recent years to deceive people. Good deeds must be careful not to be careful to avoid being fooled. Otherwise, it will become playing fun.

Regarding the identification of the purple sand pot, what do you say about the Zisha Taidou Gu Jingzhou?The identification of the teapot is mainly based on three. First, we must be familiar with the Ceramic Teapot On Electric Stove individual style of each period in history; the second is to look at the mud color fetal color of the pot, that is, to see the firing of the product; the third is to see the seal of Heath Ceramics Teapot Ebay the artist.A good work must be that the work itself can express the artistic language, which is a wonderful artistic experience. The first is to give people a beautiful external image, the second is to exude beautiful tastes, and the third is Ceramic Teapot Made In England to have beautiful artistic connotations. If you can do all three, you will reach the realm of harmony and harmony, you will have a strong artistic appeal, that is a good purple sand works.

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