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Although the Dapin pot acts as a supporting role for the watering pot when brewing tea, every time after the tea is finished, the remaining tea Ceramic Clay Teapot is put into the big pot to be soaked, and the night is cleaned and dried. If there are relatives and friends on the holidays. As a guest, the big pot has become the protagonist.In addition, the big pot can raise water in addition to making tea, you can warm your hands and you Ceramic Cream Teapot can show off.If there is only a small pot on the pot holder, it will feel a lack of visual impact from a distance. As the saying goes, the family has big and small, big and small combinations, and it’s fun!

Some players have a lot of pots at home, and they often cant raise them. If they buy them back, they must raise them. Otherwise, they will be Ceramic Clay Teapot Set dusty. Only the pots that have been raised are considered to be good pots. Some famous pots are not willing to raise them. This is a digression.If you have three large, medium, and small pots Ceramic Chair Teapot on your tea table, you can nourish them while making tea, just right.Pot friends can often hear some special terms of the teapot, such as light, flower, etc., then what is the name of the lighter, what shape of the teapot is the light? I will give you a brief introduction today and Ceramic Cowboy Teapot show you the beauty of the light.What is the purple sand pot lighter, bring you the beauty of the light device

The light is a common name for the geometric shape of the purple sand pot. It is easier to Chinese Ceramic Teapot understand that it is based on some geometric figures such as spheres, circles, squares, rectangles, etc. So how do you judge whether a piece of light in your hand is Qualified? We must first observe the overall combination of the outer contour of a pot, and whether it is decorated with Ceramic Teapot Designs various lines. A good pot should be a smooth body, a solid block, and a clean line. Faces, lines and corners can be presented in different styles and styles.What is the purple sand pot lighter, bring you the beauty of the light device

The light is divided into two kinds of rounds and squares. The round is not like the spherical shape Ceramic Teapot Dish we usually say. Instead, it is required to change in the circle, and the straight line should be evenly proportioned, such as Xishi, Ryukyu pot, Antiqueare classic light instruments.What is the purple sand Ceramic Teapot Definition pot lighter, bring you the beauty of the light deviceThe distinctive feature of the purple sander is that there is no decoration on the plain surface. This kind of work is very concerned with the combination of lines and shapes on the side of the shape, as well as the coordination of the body and mouth, the handle and the cover. In addition to using some linear decoration, Ceramic Teapot Decoupage it relies on a simple form to express the vitality of the work itself, and it is very powerful.

Although this form of expression still shines through the years, it is also the simplest and simplest of Ceramic Dragon Teapot the essence of the purple sand, pure and dignified, clean and deep. It is also an inheritance of the traditional spirit of the Chinese nation. A great aesthetic concept is the essence of the essence of Zisha.What is the purple sand pot lighter, bring you the beauty of the light deviceThe Ceramic Disney Teapot shape of the purple sander is original before it reaches the artistic level. It cant talk about any personality, and it cant talk about the beauty of nude tires. Only after reaching the artistic level, only with its excellent practical functions, concise geometric shape, and high artistic value have Ceramic Donald Duck Teapot become the works of art that people enjoy and collect, and they can talk about artistic beauty.

This beauty is the highest standard of the purple sand light goods, it uses its own unique language, Diy Ceramic Teapot Flower Planters using the simple material that reflects the true appearance of the purple sand. Express ideas from a concise form, express beauty, express the authors personality and insight. Inject the authors emotion into Diy Ceramic Teapot the form to reflect the authors artistic cultivation.I have experienced the experience of the antique tide, and led the pottery to open up the contemporary purple art glory of the pottery art Gu Jingzhou, for the true difference of the teapot, there Diy Ceramic Teapot Planter has been a deep value of the text, quoted as followsRegarding the identification of the purple sand pot, what do you say about the Zisha Taidou Gu Jingzhou?

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