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Speaking of the keywords of the 2015 art market, there is no doubt that the zisha potwill be Ceramic 70S Teapot Glacier indispensable. From the rumors of the Zisha mud banat the beginning of the year, to the midyear listed company Zhongchao Cablesubsidiary Zhongchao Liyong104 million yuan to buy Gu Jingzhou 28 famous teapots, Ceramic Teapot Handmade causing the industry awe. At the end of the year, the Shanghai antiques antique auction company will take Gu Jingzhou a set of tea sets with a high price of 92 million yuan, leading to a small pot of less than 100 million years Ceramic Teapot How To Use worth of nearly 100 millioncaused a big discussion on social media. The teapot can be said to have made a splash in the Chinese art market this year.

Everyones view of collecting antiques is different. Some things are liked, some are considered antiques, and Ceramic Teapot Handles Libra people like to collect antiques. In their view, the supply of antiques will be less and less, saying that things are rare and expensive, and there will be more and more people who like them, so Ceramic Teapot History they like to add value to their collections and wait for the price increase.Will the future value of Ge Mingxian teapot still rise?

As a bridge between link art and capital market industry information, Shanghai Securities News Art Assets has Ceramic Teapot Hs Code always paid close attention to the performance of teapots in art and capital markets. Recently, our reporter has visited Yixing, Jiangsu Province for many times, Ceramic Teapot House and visited a number of Zisha pot mud factory, Zisha pot factory, and Zisha pot shop studio. Through multiparty interviews and investigations, the reporter strives to show a single variety that has risen rapidly in the art market through various ways Ceramic Teapot Heart of seeing the leopard, trying to find the secret of stirring the capital market in the teapot.

Liang Quan, a typical post70s, said The birthplace of Guangdong Kaiping, born in Shanghai, grew up in Teapot Ceramic Holder Shanghai, once held a big rice bowlof a large communication company, after fascinated with purple sand, resigned Professional. Founded a website of Yixing Zisha Fans Ceramic Horse Teapot Alliance, like to identify the authenticity above, tell the truth.

Another value of the teapot is reflected in the use of the potof the teapot. The function of the Ceramic Honeycomb Teapot teapot is mainly manifested in four aspects moderate capacity, high and low size, tight mouth cover and smooth water flow. The cogood teapot has a higher value than the chickenthat is not good. In general, the fine work of workcan make the Ceramic Hanging Teapot teapot have better use of workenergy. However, some purple sand artists do not drink tea themselves and lack understanding of tea with teapots. It is not clear that different teas require the difference in the details of the work. Therefore, even if the teapot is made, it is better to do Japanese Ceramic Teapot History workand gongcan be good, but the pot can not reflect the characteristics of different teas well, making tea tastes fun. The value of such a teapot will certainly not be very high.

What does that mean? That is to say, people who have no culture can learn the techniques and production methods of the teapot with me, and learn Ceramic Teapot With Wooden Handle my methods through their hard work and hard work. Because this is skill and technology, that is, the technology of purple sand materials, the pot made is called crafts.What do you think of the Vintage Japanese Ceramic Teapot History value of a teapot? Mainly look at these two pointsIf you are a literate person, you can not only learn the production skills, but also learn the artistic skills, that is, the art of purple sand molding. The teapots made are gods, shapes, qis and states. This is a work of art.What Heath Ceramic Teapot do you think of the value of a teapot? Mainly look at these two pointsSo what is the value of a teapot?

The value of looking at purple sand depends first on his material. The purple sand material is the Harper Ceramic Teapot phase of the object, and the phase of the purple sand is the phase of the crystal. The true purple sand is enlightened by crystal light, also Ceramic Kettle Teapot (Love Heart Design) called jade phase. The deeper the jade is, the more expensive it is, and the higher the price. On the contrary, the more the oily, light and thin and still light phase, the more the phase, Hana Ceramic Teapot the lower the price.What do you think of the value of a teapot? Mainly look at these two points

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