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Later, with the advent of gas kiln and electric kiln, Lins Ceramic Teapot the stability of the firing process was also greatly improved. The predecessors began to find ways to solve the problem that the flap was too wide or could not be transferred. Finally, the following methods were adoptedThe old pots only burned once, Large Ceramic Teapot With Infuser and now the teapot is burned twice, because the work is not working!Electric kiln

First, the mouth of the raw embryo is made wide, and after firing out the kiln, the mouth cover Tealyra - Daze Ceramic Large Teapot is physically polished, then the mud is applied to the broken skin and sent to the kiln for the second firing. The pot and mouth problems that come out in this way can be significantly improved.The wisdom and creativity of human beings are Lazada Ceramic Teapot endless, and the artifacts created are also in various poses. In the pots of the pots, they have reached the realm of ghosts and gods.In the long history, humanity has left countless splendid ceramics.

Although they are singular and grotesque, they give people an impression that they are not limited to Ceramic Teapot Melbourne grotesque shapes, their shapes, their vivid colors, their vividness, their interest, and their independent artistic style.Lets take a look at the different beauty of Chinas odd pots, strange pots and other pots.Stump axeDabins elephant trunk teapotDragon pattern teapotChen Ceramic Teapot Microwave Safe ;Mingyuans teapotClay teapotTime Dabin gossip teapotLotus petal carving dragon dragon purple sand potFive sonsChen Zhongmeis deershaped teapotThe style of the purple sand pot is rich and varied, or exquisite and exquisite, intriguing, or rushing to enlarge, which makes Ceramic Teapot Molds people feel refreshed, and the inscription on the surface of the pot body has farreaching poems, which adds a rich book.

The purple sand molding art unites the essence of many Chinese cultures and constitutes an extremely elegant Ceramic Teapot Malaysia cultural and artistic temperament. The beautiful Yixing carries the dream of making pot people, that is, life and love. Rather than being a pot, it is better to pass on a craft.There are various Ceramic Teapot Making explanations on the blackout of the teapot, but most of them are not comprehensive and accurate. In particular, there is an incredible fact, and few people go deep into it almost all the clay pots will spit out! Below, I will talk about this Ceramic Teapot Manufacturers issue in three aspectsFirst, find out what the appearance of the purple sand pot spit black!

The socalled purple sand pot spit black refers to the partial or overall color of the teapot becoming Ceramic Teapot Modern deepor blackafter a period of use. This blackis generally distributed in a block or strip shape, mainly in the bottom of the pot, the body of the pot, the spout, etc., which are in contact with Ceramic Teapot Mexican the tea.Second, find out what is the cause of the purple sand pot spit black!

The blackin the purple sand pot spit black can be understood as the tea scale that cannot be cleaned Ceramic Teapot Market and removed. This tea scale is actually the precipitation residue of the colored ions in the tea soup in the pores of the teapot. The doublelayered pore structure is the inherent property of the Ceramic Teapot Manufacturers In China purple sand material, which means that all the clay pots will have a blackening phenomenon and cannot be avoided.Third, combine the above two points, you can correctly understand the phenomenon of spitting black!To Teapot Ceramic Manufacturers Usa sum up two points, we can divide the purple sand pot black into severing black in the broad senseand spit black in the narrow sense.Talk about spit in the broad sense.

Severe spit in the broad sense is objective and unavoidable, Mid Century Teapot Ceramic and there is no need to panic. For example, the simplest and most common spit black almost all the teapots will become darker after use. Everyone knows that this is a normal phenomenon. I dont care too much about it. I just need to Ceramic Musical Teapot develop a clean and hygienic pot.Talk about spit in the narrow sense.

In the narrow sense, spit black can be called severe spit black because the firing temperature does not Ceramic Teapot With Metal Cozy reach the temperature of the mud, the mud has not been sintered, and the pores of the purple sand after the kiln are too loose, resulting in colored ions after a short period of use. Precipitate in the pores. If the color of the mud Ceramic Teapot With Metal Cover is relatively light, this spit black will be more obvious, which is why there is always a reaction in the mud bottle.If there is a serious black spit, dont panic, contact the seller to let him burn again, burn to the temperature of the Ceramic Teapot Nz mud, this problem can be solved. The above three points are the explanations about the purple sand pot spit black.

In the past few years, I have encountered various kinds of pot friends in the purple sand industry. Some Ceramic Teapot Near Me problems and phenomena are really thoughtprovoking. The following summarizes the points, I hope to help everyone buy potsWhy is the teapot you bought always Ceramic Teapot Napkin Rings unsatisfactory? Look at these points and you will understand.The first type cynicism

Many friends who know a little about the teapot but dont know it well, choose the teapot to look at the title only, and dont study the pot Ceramic Teapot Nester itself. I often spent a lot of money, even a lot of money, bought a famous work, and when I met a pedestrian, I found that I bought the fake. My heart was always disgusted with the Ceramic Teapot Not Made In China entire purple sand industry. From then on, I began to reject the teapot and began to attack all the purple sand people. In fact, this kind of falsification phenomenon is in every industry, and it is still necessary to treat it rationally. It Non Ceramic Teapot is impossible to kill everyone by stick.Why is the teapot you bought always unsatisfactory? Look at these points and you will understand.Second speculation

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