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To fully grasp the knowledge of purple sand, we must pay attention to these points.learn more basicsThe Ceramic Teapot Kettle Next basic knowledge of purple sand includesThe basic knowledge of mud, how to distinguish the difference between raw ore and chemical mud.The resolution of the molding process distinguishes various different molding methods in the market, grouting molding, hand molding, Electric Ceramic Teapot Kettles locomotive molding, semimanual molding and full manual molding.The degree of workmanship is wellrecognized, and the work of the teapot is judged by the treatment of some details.

The above knowledge points have been introduced in the previously shared articles, and will not be repeated White Ceramic Teapot Kettle here. If you want to improve the level of appreciation, you must look at the professional books on purple sand materials, appreciation, etc. Dont treat some unconfirmed rumors and fallacies as truth. Without Kinto Ceramic Teapot the support of correct theoretical knowledge, playing a pot is like a ship without a rudder. It can only follow the tide people and clouds, and it is easy to get lost.To fully grasp the knowledge of purple sand, we must pay attention to these points.more practice

As the saying goes I don’t know how to practice fake. To improve the overall appreciation, after mastering Kotobuki Ceramic Teapot the knowledge and theory. It is also necessary to combine theory and practice better by playing pots and raising pots in practice. In reality, many pot friends talk about purple sand knowledge and various Prolex Prestige Ceramic Kettle Teapot theories, and they are very professional. But there isnt even a handful of teapots in the hand. Putting the teapot and Jianshui purple pottery together to let him distinguish, they cant tell which one is purple sand. There is a theory of emptiness, and without any practice, it is like talking on paper.

To fully grasp the knowledge of purple sand, we must pay Kyoto Ceramic Teapot attention to these points.learn to summarize the experience

The ancients cloud eat a long one wisdom! It is not enough to combine theory with practice. The accumulation of knowledge of the teapot is the process Ceramic Teapot Lid of theoretical guidance and practice. During this learning process, you will find that some theories are not necessarily correct. Therefore, we need to summarize and summarize from practice according to our own Ceramic Teapot Lid Stuck practical experience. This is also a process of accumulating and accumulating.To fully grasp the knowledge of purple sand, we must pay attention to these points.Discuss more with professionals.

Some pot friends play pots, although they are determined to learn purple sand knowledge, but not good at communication. After touching some pottery teachers and Ceramic Teapot Lamp professionals, they just regard each other as a channel to watch the pot. Today, ask how much this antique is, and ask the Xi Shi expensive tomorrow. Ceramic Teapot Lid Replacement For many beginners, a lot of knowledge is not thoroughly understood, can not understand the quality of the pot, just the price as the basis for the pot to buy pot. This wastes a good learning opportunity, because many of the knowledge you have Ceramic Teapot Large learned is not very accurate, which requires finding problems in communication with other professionals and correcting some wrong knowledge points. , establish the correct play pot values. At the same time, in Ceramic Teapot Light terms of raising pots, many pot friends also have some unique methods and experiences, which are also worth learning and learning.

Today, I have said so much, I just want to express that everyone must learn more, summarize more, and Large Ceramic Teapot communicate more. Then you will find that playing pots and raising pot wells are not as difficult as you think. Just do the above and you can become Ceramic Teapot London a pot master in your circle of friends.Today, a potter found me and asked about the burning knowledge of the teapot. During the chat, the pot friend threw out such a question The current teapot process is not working, it must be fired Ceramic Lighthouse Teapot twice, or the old pot is good!Considering this problem is representative, so it will be The answer is as follows, for your reference!The old pots only burned once, and now the teapot is burned twice, because the work is not working!First, talk about the old pot that was burnt.

The old pots of the past were indeed burnt all over again, why? Because there were no gas kiln and electric kiln at the time, only the dragon Teapot Ceramic Lantern kiln could burn the teapot. The stability of the dragon kiln is extremely poor, and each time the firing will have unpredictable loss, so if the first Ceramic Teapot Metal Lid time out of the kiln, the pot is intact, it is already a great fortune, and will not be burned again. The second time. After all, no one can say that there will be new losses in the firing.The old pots only burned once, and now Ceramic Loose Leaf Teapot the teapot is burned twice, because the work is not working!Dragon KilnOnce again, the old pot that was burned will also bring another helpless problem the flap often fails to pass or is too wide.Secondly, lets talk about the pot that has been fired twice.

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