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The water absorption of purple sand is the watercarrying capacity of its stomata, the temperature of the kiln is low, and the mud door is naturally loose, and the water absorption is good, and vice versa. In addition, the water absorption is not as strong as possible. The previous export standard of the purple clay pot was that the water absorption was lower than 1.5%. If according to the thoughts of some pot friends, it dries so fast and absorbs water Ceramic Teapots Made In Japan so well, wouldn't the pot be poured a few times on the outside, and the inside of the pot will leak water. The permeability of purple sand is in its doublepore structure. As long as the sintering temperature is reached, the permeability will not be greatly affected. After this introduction, the pot enthusiasts should be able to understand that there is no direct connection with the mud for the speed of the pot drying. There are many variables in it. Many friends do n’t know if the tea towel is dry or wet when the pot is kept. Which one is better for keeping the pot?

The purpose of cleaning the pot is to keep the pot clean and take care of the surface of the pot. Each pot is its own favorite. Who can bear it? The characteristics of the purple clay pot mud, double stomatal characteristics, tea, tea oil will transpiration through the pores to the pot surface. At this time, you need a tea towel to wipe evenly, to avoid uneven distribution of tea oil on the surface of the pot, accumulate over time, and destroy The appearance How To Make A Clay Teapot of the pot. Dry wipe. After brewing tea, rinse the inside and outside of the pot with clean water. You can use a dry tea towel to wipe the outside of the pot dry and buckle it on the tea table. Wet wipe. After brewing tea, rinse the inside of the pot with water, wipe with a wet tea towel outside the pot, and then wipe with a dry tea towel. Dry wiping or wet wiping depends entirely on your personal habits. You don't need to do it deliberately. You can do it the same way. The purpose is the same. Clean the surface of the pot to prevent the accumulation of tea stains. There is also a question that everyone will ask, can the purple sand pot be wiped by hand? Will it rub the grease on the pot with your hands and affect the quality of the pot?

Zisha pot, not so arrogant, as long as the hand is not fresh after eating greasy food, and the hand is full of oil, the Zisha pot can be used and played, but it is not necessary to always rub, too tired, play the pot, play It's elegant, it's mood, you don't need to deliberately wipe it. At the same time, if you have skin care products on your hands, it is not recommended to play with them. Everyone knows that the purple sand pot will smell, make tea and pour out the tea, and it will not be good. Keeping the pot is a matter of course. Do n’t wipe How To Make A Pottery Teapot it deliberately. Just keep the surface of the pot clean. Yixing is a countylevel city and the place is not large. If it is not for the purple sand pot, hairy crabs and Yixing Amy, it is estimated that there will be no One can think of going here. However, there are many interesting places in the small town. I would rather explore slowly in the small town than in the big city. The goal of the classmates is to eat all the characteristic cities in China, and Xiyoujun drenched by the way, because every time he finished eating a city, he would submit an article to Xiyou.

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