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The Qing dynasty flat round pot purple sand mudthe texture is finethe light without the grainfully showing the beauty of the natural mud color of the Zhengzheng court purple sand. The Qing dynasty Zisha black lacquer painted gold Jiqing has more than the pot in the Palace of the purple sand tire paint gold began in YongzhengQianlong when fully matureJiadao lost. After the middle of the Qing Dynastythe stone button of the Taihu Lake was changed from a single beam to a double beamwhich not only increased the stability of the potbut also reflected the beauty of the pot. Shuangyu Fushou Shui Shui Shuiround Can You Use A Ceramic Teapot On The Stove lipsflat abdomentwo pairs of as a seat. The goldpainted and large pens and lacquerpainted gold are the unique decorative techniques of the Qing Dynasty court purple sand. The craftsmanship is complicated and magnificent. Each collection is the ingenuity of the purple sand craftsmanshowing how brilliant and fragrant the Zisha culture of Yixing is. Pots with time can go to major museums to enjoy the treasures of these purple sand art! Welltodays sharing is hereclick on the attention Da Sheng said pot a big holy to play with purple sand! Nowadayseveryone likes old objectsMing and Qing furnitureporcelain and wenwan. These are not only antiquesbut also the precipitation of time and the testimony of history. Another reason is that they are valued.

In peoples valuesall objects are definitely older and more valuable. Many people think that in the collection of teapotsit must be the same. At homeI turned out a Qingchao old teapot! Does it mean that you are really richThe value of the old pot and the old pot is higher than the new pot. The old teapots on the field always shoot high prices. In factthis is not the case. We can analyze the above statements. Considering the value of a teapotthe historical era is certainly an important factor. More importantlyit must consider its molding Can I Use A Ceramic Teapot On The Stove skillsworkmanshipand artistic modeling. At homeI turned out a Qingchao old teapot! Does it mean that you are really richFirsta quality pot of the Qing Dynasty compares with some excellent works of contemporary power artistsand there is no need to have a high collection of contemporary works. The pots of short ages are sometimes worth more than the pots of the old ones. Secondin the auctionthe old pots with high prices are soldmost of them are masters of Ming and Qing dynasty potsor literati potssuch as the works of DabinChen MingyuanChen ManshengYang Pengnian and so on. At homeI turned out a Qingchao old teapot! Does it mean that you are really rich?

In the same waythe famous contemporary pot makers have the most works of Gu Laoand there are many works with tens of millions of prices. Thirdif the mud is not very goodhow to say that the mud of the old pot is better than the mud today. But todays mud is more complicatedand friends are worried about buying chemical potsbut if you cant distinguish even chemical materialshow can you get to know the old mud that is harder to understandIf it is the mud of the Huanglongshan orethere is no such thing as the old pot mud. The mud is goodnot only in the original minebut also in a series of processes such as refiningstalemakingand kiln. Not only thatbut if you are too attached to the old potmany counterfeiters will sneak into it. Now some people specialize in collecting old pots and old potsso that there are many fake old pots on the market. Some people even used the Can You Use A Ceramic Teapot On Gas Stove new pots to polish their shoes in order to achieve profitability. At homeI turned out a Qingchao old teapot! Does it mean that you are really richThe identification and identification of the old pots must have certain knowledge reserve requirementsso it is necessary to rationalize the pot friends in the pot. Before collecting the old potfirst of allyou need to know the purple sand so that you can avoid being deceived. In shortthe old pot has a certain historical valuebut not all of them are valuable antiquesso be cautious. Will it be important to look at the bottom of the bottom of the teapotWhy do the masters know the quality of the pot when they look at the bottom of the pot?

Because the bottom of the pot hides a lot of unknown informationso look at the pot to see the bottom! Dabin pot bamboo knife wet engraving moneythe manger pot era of the abandonment badgethe current pot bottom stamp and add moneyand some will also engrave the poems that match the pot mood. The importance of the bottom of the pot is becoming more and more prominent. Today we will reveal the secret of the bottom of the pot! The bottom of the pot bottom has a square and a circlea concave and convex and a flata foot and a foota rib and a stump. It can be roughly divided into four typesprime bottombottom bottombottomround foot and nail foot. The bonding method has two typesbright Can You Put Ceramic Teapot On The Stove joint and dark joint. The pot with straight straight shape should be connected with bright and round shape. It should be treated with a dark connection. The original mine bottom trough Qing Fanhua flat bottomthe bottom of the pot is plainwithout any processingbecause there is no large amount of tea to carry the cruciblemostly for small itemssuch as horizontal style. The original mine Zhu Quanyi added the bottomadd a circle of foot when forming the bodyand use the fat mud composite inlayalso known as digging the foot to add the bottomshould be set according to the main body shape. The original ore purple mud four square bamboo tripod one bottomthe same meaning of and making labor and time savingwith fingers or with the versionwith the bottom of the processing round shape quickly and succinctconcisesuch as a beadpapaya and other rounds .

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