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If you have seen the whole process of the teapotyou will find that after the end of the mouththere will be a physical polishingwhich is what we call polishing. In this wayon the one handthe mud and dust floating on the surface when the whole mouth is removed can be removedand on the other handthe water color after the second firing can be enhanced. The most flirtatiousthe fastfed commodity potsthe materials used are relatively poorand there is no bright needle workso there is almost no water color after the kiln. Some merchants Old Japanese Ceramic Teapots will speed up in order to make the pots sell well. The worst way to maintain the fast is to add pigment to soakso that the pot will appear in a short time. The slight speed of raisingin factmany people have donebrew tea pot with teaafter a long period of boringthe teapot is like a few days of soakingthe color will be deeper. But to some extentthis has lost the fun of raising pots. The lowest endbrush shoe oil shoe oil pot mostly appears in the ranks of imitation old potbelonging to the lowest end of the commodity pothere is not discussed. If you find a black clay pot on a certain placethen the big chance is the shoe polish. The worstno bottom line to increase the number of sand material is more serious than shoe polishthat isno bottom line to increase the number of sand! Why do I say that?

Considering from the perspective of practicing mudZisha is mainly composed of sand and slurryand sand is the main bone and pulp main meat. Sand refers to quartz particleswhich is what we feel as roughness; pulp refers to kaolinthat isfat powderwhich is what we feel as warm muddywhich are mutually symbiotic. They are also natural enemies of each other. But what does this have to do with waterWe must know that no matter how fine we crush Red Japanese Teapot Ceramic the mudit will not exceed 80 meshbecause once it exceeds 80 meshthe sand will be goneand it will be full of fat powder. In other wordsit is to get rid of the sandness and the whole muddy. This is like porcelain. After firingthe crystallinity is very highand the water color is very good. It is very popular with customers. But the purple sand has no sandcan it be called purple sandSoI call it the worst way. RecentlyMr. Li Shuangxia traditional Chinese craftsmanwas selected into the art collection industry for his contribution to the inheritancedevelopment and innovation of Zishas craftsmanship in the 70 New 70 Years of New China tour. 70 outstanding representatives and were hired as art ambassadors.

Master Li Shuangxis 128 sacs Hero Pot Shanghai World Worlds most important event is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. The continuation and achievements of the 100 media on the Internet are the achievements of all walks of life in 70 years. An important recommendation campaign for charactersoutstanding representativesand vanguard model figures. Master Li Shuangxis exclusive secret Golden Turtle Dragon Pot Master Li Shuangxi has been engaged in the Zisha Art Industry since 1985. He has been engaged in the purple sand art industry for 35 years and has been serving as Kyoto Ceramics Teapot White an apprentice for Gu Jingzhou and Jiang Rong. grow into the master of today. The success of Li Shuangxi is closely related to the words and deeds of Master Gu Jingzhou and Master Jiang Rong. He is closely related to his talents for Zisha skillsand he is closely connected with his tireless hard workperseverance and sweating for more than 30 years. After more than 30 years of hard worknowadaysshe has earned her enthusiasm and won one honor after another. Master Li has become a model and model for ordinary people to succeed. Master Li Shuangxis work   168 ribs Hero Pot has been published

Especially this yearit coincides with the 70 years of the founding of New China. As the saying goesthe National Games is booming. In this yearMaster Li Shuangxi auctioned out 8888888 NT dollars with 168 sacs in the Zhongzheng auction in Taiwanbecoming the highest price of the master of the world. On August 92019the State Intellectual Property Office granted Li Shuangxis master sacs168 design patents. This is the second time that Li Shuangxi won the highest honor award in Chinese folk cultural relics in 2015 and the best in Shanghai in the world in 2016. He was awarded the Zisha pot with the most outer pots in the pot. The national award is the only patent work he owns. When an old man took the 237 bushe asked the bus driver Wu Kai about the location of the Taigong Lake. He also asked one more questionIs the Taigong Lake not deepWu Kai examined the situation and found that the situation was not good. So the old man was taken to the West Bus Hospital. Finallythe police found her address and sent the old man back home safely. AfterwardsI learned that the old man originally wanted to go to the lake to be alivehis doing nosy and save lives! The depth of the Taigong Lake is not deepThe old man got on the bus and asked a wordthe bus drivers face changed greatly.At about 15 oclock that dayWu Kai drove as usualand a granny wearing a red coat and screaming on the car.

After getting on the busI asked the driver Wu KaiWhere is Taigong LakeWu Kai immediately told her which station she should get off. As a resultafter returning from the Aoyuan site to the West Bus Hospitalthe old lady took the bus driven by Wu Kai for the second time. She said that she did not find Taigong Lake and raised a questionIs the water depth of Taigong Lake not deepIt is this sentence that aroused Wu Kai’s vigilance. He subconsciously Lid Stuck On Ceramic Teapot looked at the old lady from the mirrorand found that her expression was very dignifiedbut she wanted to speak but stopped talking. The depth of the Taigong Lake is not deepThe old man got on the bus and asked a wordthe bus drivers face changed greatly.When the old lady wanted to get offWu Kai shoutedAuntiedont get off the busI will take you for a ride. The old man obeyed Wu Kai’s words depend on his seat. Wu Kai wants to concentrate on drivingplease ask the passengers to chat with the old ladyand from time to time to observe the emotional changes of the old woman from the mirrorand occasionally say a few words of comfort. Everyone gives me a word of comfortso that the old man is much betterbut every time she speaksshe can still feel the crying in her tone. It always makes people feel that the stone in her heart is still too big.

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