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Ordinarylike you and meI have not been able to drive fame and fortunebut I have borrowed a piece of cool and cool to solve it. Because of the lingering pains of the veinsit nourishes the indifferent life. Tea hiddenalcoholic mansaid that the tea is like a hermitand the wine is like a knight. As everyone knowsin the small purple sand potsome people can drink the clouds and the wind and the rainbut others can drink the sword and the sword. The Lins Ceramics Studio Teapot journeythe ups and downswho said that the pot people have no heroic spiritPlay the pot to raise the airthe doorway in the purple sand pot is more masculine and evilwhat is the bad personIt is the person who has no time to do bad things. The person who plays the potthe pot has become his other A pair of companions in the sense of meaningswearingnever give up. After workdo not go outside to scatter wildand then run back home to help those baby teapots. Soak a pot of teameet each otherlet the warm warm pot Startwarm from time to time.

There is no shortcut to collectingthe only shortcut is to buy. Only when you buy a collection in real moneyyou must find that your prudence and aesthetic gaze will get higher and higher. There were senior collectors who summed up their experience. Those who have experienced the pots are all entering the threshold of purchasingand they are able to identify the opportunities quicklyand the actions are accurate. It can only be on paper. The actual ability is to test discriminating power. Occasionallytaking medicine is also a very good study experience. Socourageso in the purchase of the time againit is practiced. The person who is angry with the qi is naturally amiable. To put it another wayhow can it be ignorant Making Ceramic Teapot Spout when it comes to the word playingIt seems that the big game of the world is more than one. Zhengye is a playJin Yong praises him as a truly chic personand can treat life with a relaxed and vivid attitude. The singularity of the comics is in the modestand everyone can be said to be more eager and more popular than Guo Degang. People cant be deephe wants to come. If you have a good time to play with the potyou will have a bit more human flavorand you will be more amiable! You can raise your luck by playing with luck and playing with the pot. Words. But fine But not unreasonableplay maker has to develop more than nine gasa group of physical and mental healthlongevity is very beneficial As the saying goes:. Smiling and good luck will come naturally.

Even if you just use the pot as a hobbyif you play the potthe pot in your hand has an appreciationisnt that good luckOf coursewe can treat this appreciation as a windfallor we should look at it with normality. Jiang Jianxiang talked about the strength of the current Yixing purple sand flower creationthe insiders will all mention a person in unison   he is the master of ceramic art in Jiangsu Provincesenior craft artist Jiang Jianxiang. He was once praised by overseas media as one of the Zisha Four Little Dragons. He is a potter potter with a strong strength. His bones have a tough personality and Knight thought. Jiang Jianxiang Making A Ceramic Teapot and Pumpkin Jiang Jianxiang began to learn from the 1970s. They were first enlightened by Xu Chengquan. After being transferred to the Institute of Purple SandsWang Xixian led a deeper research and creation of purple sand. Influenced by the style and personality of the teachers potteryhe is rigorous and innovative in art. In each of his workshe incorporates new ideas to break through. He insisted on the idea that he would never repeat the previous works. This is one of the reasons why his work is popular in the art collection market.

Jiang Jianxiang is convincing in the pot worldnot only because of his hard work in the field of flowersbut also has a tough personality and Knight thinkingbut also reveals a style of breezeand because of him In the art roadI have my own uniquenessand I am very fond of playing with the pot in my hand. In his homehe took out a thick dozen of grasseswhich are the pot drawings that he has accumulated over the decades. His own inspiration and thoughts are recorded with a pen. He said that from the beginning of the studentshe stipulated Mid Century Ceramic Teapot that he should draw and draw sketches every day. Maybe sometimes it will be put aside for a whilebut it will definitely be sorted out after one week. From these drawingsyou can always find useful lines. So his work is always innovating and never doing the work he has done before. Jiang Jianxiangthe pastoral fascinationJiang Jianxiang also introduced his own unique secretthat ishe can see the shapes and lines that can be borrowed from handicraftsarchitectureetc.never take picturesbut draw them according to his own memory at night.What he drew was the most beautiful line in his memory. And this is also the most beautiful element of his future work.

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