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What are the factors related to the permeability of purple sand mudThere are two main factors affecting the permeabilityone is the degree of crystallinityand the other is the number of meshes. The degree of crystallinitythat isthe degree of porcelainization during firingis the nature of the mud. The degree of crystallization of different muds is different. Of courseit has a certain relationship with the firing temperature. The higher the firing temperaturethe Alfred Ceramic And Stainless Steel Teapot How To Use crystallization. The higher the degree. Generally speakingthe crystallinity of red mud is higher at the time of firingfollowed by purple mudfollowed by green mud and segment mud. The higher the crystallinitythe lower the porosity and the poor gas permeability. The number of mud materialsthe common purple sand mud material is 60 mesh80 meshetc. The smaller the mesh numberthe thicker the mud materialthe more grainy. From the purple sand mine to the purple sand mudreveal the whole process of the original mine purple sand practice mud! The color of the purple sand mud is added with black diamond. The color of this kind of teapot is dark and deepbut manganese oxide is added to the mud. The lemon sectionthe section of mud and yellow is mainly the titanium element in the mineral materialthe merchant uses the white mud to mix titanium oxide to pretend to be a section of mud. In the Republic of China Greenthe coloring effect achieved by adding cobalt oxide to the base of this mountain green.

When many novice pot friends choose the teapotthey often hear the merchants describe how the mud of their pot is good and how precious. So everyone can often see the words homeraretop. The mud is the root of a pot. This is not wrong. But what is the true value of a teapotTodayXiao Jiang will talk to you about this topic. The reason why the teapot is so How To Use Ceramic Teapot With Infuser expensive is because the mud is still the stale of the molding technique purple sand mud. When we appreciate a teapotthe first thing to look at is whether it is beautiful or notand then see if the work is exquisite. Dont think about what kind of mud is first. If the shape and workmanship are not in placeor even some are unsatisfactorythen how about the mudThe value of a teapot is comprehensively evaluated from five aspectsmudshapeworkmoneyand merit. Aesthetically speakingthe mud only accounts for onefifth of the overall score of a pot. In terms of valuethe value of the mud to the teapot may not be as high. The reason why the teapot is expensive is because the mud is still the molding technologythe finished purple sand mud.

Of courseit is not that the mud is not important. Xiao Jiang only thinks that the mud is not an excuse and reason to raise the price of the teapot. In factthe purple sand mud is not expensive. The purple sand mud is calculated according to the normal price. A bundle of 30 kilograms is used as an example. The bundle of ordinary raw ore is about a few hundred to a thousand yuan. Some of the really rare muds are The price of the bundle may reach tens How To Use A Japanese Ceramic Teapot of thousands of yuan. According to a mediumsized pot with a capacity of about 300the required mud is about 1 kg. Generally speakingthe price of the teapot will not increase the price of the pot due to the increase in the price of the mud. Even those highend teapots that sell for hundreds of thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars are made with topgrade rare mud. The cost of mud is basically negligible compared with the selling price of the pot.

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