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QuestionWhy is it better to soak a tea in a potAnswerFriends of tea have know that the taste of each tea is quite differentsuch as Puer and Oolongs completely different tastesand the doubleporous structure of the purple sand itself makes the pot body also have tea fragranceeven with a long pot. There is no tea to rush into the boiling water and tea scentso Heath Ceramics Large Teapot if the different teas use the same pottodayPu Putomorrowoolongwill be scented. There is also the same reason that Puer mediumripening tea and raw tea can not be used together. Question7. What is the most important thing in choosing a potCapacitymaterialsworkmanshipor fameAnswerIf you are a workingclassyou need a practical pot. The first thing I think is that the mud is authentic and the capacity is right. The right ingredients can be used to make delicious tea soup. The capacity is too big to waste tea. It is too small and inconvenient. It is necessary to decide the size according to the number of people who use this potwhat tea and personal tea drinking habits are used. Next is workat least not with obvious defects.

Howeveras a handicraftthe teapot cannot be perfectand the proper requirements are to look comfortable and value for money. If you want to collectconsider the fame and the number based on several factors of the practical pot. We dont have to care too much or be famous for the pots below the price of 1,000 yuan. The price of teapots varies greatlyHow to identify chemical potsLook at the ultrapractical purple sand question and answer! How do you raise the color of my pot materialAnswerThe different teas are used in different Ceramic Tea Infuser Teapot timesand the firing temperature is slightly different depending on the kiln position. These may result in different colors. How do you have white and black spots on my potAnswerMica and iron oxide in the raw materials of purple sand are common. There are a small number of white stars in the finished pot. The black spots are natural in the teapot. Dont affect too much beauty. QuestionIs it best to make green tea with a glassAnswerIn facttea is better to use the potbecause purple sand has a tasteimproving effect on teaand tea should not be boring for a long time. After using the potyou can pour the tea soup out and drink it slowly.

This is a simple and atmospheric type. The circle pattern on the cover is added to the layeringand the straight mouth and ear shape ensure practical function. The finely crafted pot button has a variety of animal prints on it. The highlight of the work is also the gold decoration on the body of the potthe traditional folk pattern Lion hydrangeaand the goldplated font Xiangshi Xianruiauspicious and beautiful. The craftsman introduced the original mine Small Ceramic Teapot With Infuser bottom trough green Xiangshi Xianrui Appreciation Hu Hongming is a senior art artist Hu Hongmingborn in October 1959 in Dingshu TownYixing CityTaodu CityJiangsu Provincebachelor degree. In 1978he was involved in the creation and design of ceramics. In 1983he entered the Tsinghua Universityformerly the Department of Ceramic Design of the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts for further study and was guided by many famous teachersYang YongshanZhang Shouzhi and Wang Jianzhong. Mr. Shen Yuhuaa master of craftsmanship and art master of Gu Jingzhouis a master of Yixing Zisha Craft Factory. He loves the art of purple sandstudies hard and studies the theory of ceramic art designdares to create his own practicequietly cultivated 30 hot summers in the Zisha Art Halland harvested 30 spring and autumnwhich has created one highgrade purple sand art image.

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