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Listening to the sound of the pot is not reliableplaying the pot upside down is that there are some pot friends in Shantouthink that by tapping the teapot to listen to the soundyou can distinguish the quality of the teapotwhich is obviously misled by some brick homes. The Unique Ceramic Teapots For Sale sound of tapping the teapot is crisp or boringwhich is mainly related to the characteristics of the mudthe mud of the mud and the mud is greatly differentand the degree of sintering. There is also the problem that the teapot pot does not fall down. Some online shopping platform merchants like to take this boastand want to prove that their teapot works well. In factthe purple sand pot can not play the invertedand the pot typethe shape of the pot button and the whole process of the postburning processand the pot is not goodthere is no relationship between the dime. If you have questionsyou may wish to experiment on your own. Even if the stone scoop pot made by Gu Jingzhou cant play the invertedand the Xi Shi pot on the Internet 99 can stand upside downcan we conclude that Gu Jingzhous pot is not as good as the work of the online 99 package

These six sentences reveal that the correct opening method of the teapot has no purple sand within 100 yuanand there is no whole hand below 1,000 yuan. Now some pot friends still want to spend dozens to a hundred or so to buy a teapot to use it. In factthis way The price you can buy is nothing more thanthe grouting potthe handdrawn potthe locomotive potthese Ceramic Koi Fish Teapot are not the real sense of the teapot. There are also some pot friends who want to spend hundreds of pieces to buy a handmade teapotbut if you have a general understanding of the process of handmade pots. You will know that a handmade pot is really not that simpleand the difficulty of making it is much harder than the semimanual. The real full manual price is basically no less than a thousand dollarsand the thousand yuan is only an entrylevel manual. Grouting handdrawn locomotive potpurple sand artist does not back pot

At presentthere are indeed many grouting potshanddrawn pots and locomotive pots on the market. Many pot friends also said that the purple sand market is too chaotic. But it still needs to be treated rationallybecause there are some ugly phenomena in all walks of life. But it cant be killed by a stick. Even the onesided think that the whole master of Dingshu Town is involved in fraud. The fake is only a small part. Most of the masters are still making pots in a downtoearth manner. They are eating by hand. Thereforechoosing the right artist and finding a reliable person can buy a reliable pot. This is the correct way to play the purple pot. If you havent seen the true body of purple sand mudthere should be many people who think that it is just like the soil in the field. Maybe add some water to Are Ceramic Teapots Safe For The Stove reconcile ityou can make teapotsteacups and other purple sand appliances. So is this really the caseTodayI would like to reveal to you the process of the secret. In factthe purple sand mud is also known as the mud in the mudthe rock in the rockis the ore deep in the hard wall of the mountainmining is not easy. From mining materials to purple sand mud that can make potsthere are many processing steps in the middlewhich is the test of time and effort. The source of purple sand is Qinglong Mountain and Huanglong Mountain. Many mines have been widely distributed in the two mines. In 2005the forbidden mining order promulgated and implemented by Yixing timely stopped the disorderly mining of the purple sand ore. Now the open pit in the mountain is filled with water and becomes a lake.

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