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My father has been teaching since childhoodthe industry of the teapotintegrity is more important than lifeif even the character is gonewhere the pot. Xiaotao wrote these just to let the majority of potters buy handmade teapotsput an end to the middlemenavoid being deceivedand let the potters start the authentic teapot at the lowest price. Of coursethis can also make the family pot business have A better inheritancein the future for more people who like purple sand. The surprise of Enshi Zisha from the Enshi Zisha isthe source of the potthe premise of Yixing raw ore mudthe market price is reduced by 50% as a guaranteewhich can benefit the pot friends and understand the price of the teapot. Learn more Making Tea In Ceramic Teapot about the teapot cultureoneonone explanation! Teach you how to identify the difference between a manual pot and a mechanism pot! Teach you how to identify chemical pots and the harm to the body! Understand the use and maintenance of the teapot! Friends circle often shares beautiful masterpieces and offline communication activities! Selfproduced and soldall the intermediate links are eliminatedand the original ore mud is used. Guarantee the quality of each pot sold. Sincerely welcome the vast number of pot friendscome to Yixing shop to be a guestteachat purple sand

Each pot of Enshi Zisha has its own signing artisthandmade by famous artistsand no middleman earns a high price differenceso that the potter can start his favorite purple sand at an unexpected Ceramic Teapot Wind Chimes price. A good teapot must meet the following 5 points of mud. All the purple sand pots of Enshi Zisha are from the raw material of Huanglongshan. We strictly select each raw ore and use the original handgrinding method to make the original flavor of purple sand.Chendy mud storage warehouse may have some pot friends saidHuanglongshan are sealedand there are so many raw ore mudIn factit is not the case. The old pots in Yixing have the habit of storing mud. Before the sealinga large amount of mud was purchasedin order to ensure that each pot sold by Enshi Zisha is raw ore.Xiaotao can definitely tell you that the same pot type may be outsidebut the mud is definitely not as good as my home. The pot must be handmade

Enshi Zisha adopts the traditional handmade molding methodwhich is the slapandstitching technique that has been passed down from the Ming Dynasty. In the production processmore than 80 kinds of tools such as traditional ridesdistance carsshovel and mud chopsticks are used. Here we are not called the jobbecause the title of Yixing Zisha industry is estimated to be the most chaotic in the countrythe reason is not to mention here. Enzi Zishas pot makerswho inherit the ingenuitymay not have a magnificent studiono astounding titlesno overwhelming publicity hype. But they have pots and solid craftsmanship. Do pots Ceramic Teapot White during the daymake pots at nightmake pots in various places.The bench is sitting for ten yearswhich is the true portrayal of their pots. Only in this way can the firsthand teapot be sent to the hands of the pot friendsavoiding the illegal middlemen to earn a high price differenceand let the pot friends start their favorite teapots at an unexpected price. Do not forget the original heartcan always be the essence of the existence of purple sand isthe source of the potwith Yixing raw ore mud as the premiseto reduce the market price by 50% as a guaranteenot only to benefit the pot friendsbut also to the price of the teapot understand!

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