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As long as you like purple sandXiao Tao is willing to meet with a pot. is a beautiful event. Meet the purple sand is a romantic fate. Before firing the pot of each mudthe teacher will burn the test piece and test the kiln temperature repeatedlybecause if the fire is smallthe pot will There will be a smell of earthwormsthe fire will be bigthe surface of the pot will be Japanese Style Ceramic Teapot easily peeled offand the color of the pot will be uneven and not bright. Trying for a few times is only a good pot. For centuriesthe satisfaction of the pot friend is our unremitting pursuit. Appreciation of the circle of friends works in Yixing. The teapots are all famous people with surnames. Everyone who has done it has also seen it. Xiaotao can tell the pottery with personality. We don’t ask for the quantity. Every pot sold by Grace Zisha There are artists who complete it by hand. Purple sand is a culturea heritage. We know that we are only fully committed to this great cause.

In order to give a pot that is truly worthy of taste and collection. Commitmentwill not be the choice of the king. Some beautyexist in fantasy; some beautylonglasting in the world. Zisha When you really understand ityou will find its beauty to marvel history! Certificates and effluent testing All works can be provided with a collection certificate. Each collection Traditional Japanese Ceramic Teapot certificate has the authors own pot photohandwritten signature and sealsupports multiple identificationsand each pot is carefully checked for flaws and water. The 100% satisfaction of the pot friend is the driving force for us to advance. Xiaotao wants to tell the true opinion of the pottery. The goodspirited Zisha is based on honestyand inherits the ingenuity. It uses the original mine purple sand mudinsisting on pure handmade is our bottom linewelcome the pot friends to Yixing for guest and supervision.

Although it is troublesome and troublesomeit can ensure that the teapot has more charm. There is no big cost advertisement for Enshi Zisha. There is no expensive packaging. Only Xiaotao has a good pot. Committed to making good pots and good crafts in my hometownI am liked by more people who love pots. Make sure you receive the love pot in the shortest amount of time. Fake one lost 100100% of the sale of Enshi Zisha is purely handmade Vintage Japanese Ceramic Teapot oreaccepting the taste of the majority of pot friends. Try it before you buy itAfter receiving the goodsyou can unpack and watch the pot. After you are satisfiedyou can confirm the receipt. If you are not satisfiedyou can return it at any time. Take the pot friendsWe will broadcast the pots from time to timeand the circle of friends will update the interesting stories of Yixingthe pots and potsand the insider that you don’t know. It is recommended to collect and read carefully! The pot is small and bigand the tea is long in the sun! Whether it is the beginning of the river potor the senior pot fansthere are always some questions that can not be solved perfectly! Here are some questions that the pot friends often ask and answer.

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