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The purple sand ore that has just been mined from the ore layer is as strong as rock. Only openair stackingdrying and weatheringafter months of wind and rainthe same natural force can resolve the original temper brought from the rock formation. The wind blows into the sun and the coagulation does not become condensed. The large pieces of purple sand ore become loose small pieces of particlesand the size is even. This is when the human intervention is carried outand the impurities should be carefully selected to remove impurities. The screened purple sand particles are subjected to stone grinding to make the stone Seafoam Green Ceramic Teapot into stone powder. The size of the screen determines the mesh size of the sieved material. Depending on the particle size of the desired muda sieve of different mesh size is selected and the mud is sieved. The sieved granules have substantially the same diameter. Immersion in the lower tank is an indispensable step. The mud is soaked in the large water tank for a long timewhich can discharge the air and increase its plasticity. At this timethe purple sand mud has some familiarity. The mud which has been soaked for several months is picked up and put into the plaster mold for drying; after thatthe traditional refining method is manual and repeated tempering until the desired plasticity is achieved; now mass production has been made by using a vacuum clay machine. Finished mud; the finished product is moisturized and placed in a cool place. A hard stone is made into mudand a clay hand is used as a pot. Everything is in the hands of the good user and has a soul.

From a piece of stoneto a mudand finally to a pot. Then have their own boneshave their own breathing. There have been many experiences in thisso the teapot of a raw ore mud is made up of the hard work of everyoneit is not easyand it is used and cherished. Since it is said that the purple sand mud materialit is necessary to mention the clay mud processfrom the original mine to the mud materialto lay the foundation for the production of the purple sand pot. TodayXiaohua will take a look at the whole process of purple sand practice Vintage Green Ceramic Teapot with everyone! From the purple sand mine to the purple sand mudreveal the whole process of the original mine purple sand practice mud! The first step is to select and pick the material. This step can be said to be a preliminary decontamination process for the ore. The second step is weathering. The ore that is picked up is stored in the open air for a period of timegenerally more than 3 months. Timelet it wind and rainsun and ice. The purpose is to cause the raw material tissue to be fragmenteddissolved and oxidized by weathering. In this waynot only can the texture of the purple sand be thinnedthe plasticity can be improvedthe moisture in the raw material can be made uniformsome alkali metals and alkaline earth metal salts can be dissolvedand the refractoriness is also improved. From the purple sand mine to the purple sand mudreveal the whole process of the original mine purple sand practice mud!

In the third stepit is necessary to start crushing the mudand the thickness of the crushing should be determined according to the variety. In the fourth stepwe will start to make the muddy materialand put the mud in a darkdampwarm and closed small room for a period of timeranging from a few days to a few monthsso that the mud is in a humid and airless environment. The physical and chemical changes in the series have been improved to improve Japanese Ceramic Green Tea Teapot the properties of the mud. The last stepthe exhaustis also very critical. After the stale mudit needs to be degassed by vacuum mud and the air in the mud can be removed to meet the forming requirements. After the vacuum treatment of the mudthe green body becomes denser and the air content is extremely lowwhich improves the plasticitythe bondability and the strength of the dry compactand reduces the cracking after burning. From the purple sand mine to the purple sand mudreveal the whole process of the original mine purple sand practice mud! After talking about the process of purple sand practicing mudwe will talk about the big questions of the pot friends on the purple sand mud.

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