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At the home of each pot artistthere are basically purple clay materials that can be produced for seven or eight years. For the potterthe mud is the grainand the mud will basically be stored in a batch. At the same timemany large households in the market have hoarded an amazing number of purple sand minesranging from hundreds of tons to thousands of tons. These are all visible to the eyeand the unseen mud is the unexplored purple sand mineral resources hidden under Yixing and surrounding areas. The reserves of purple sand mud How To Use A Ceramic Teapot are quite sufficient. These purple sand mud materials can be used for at least the entire purple sand industry for several decades. The reason why the purple sand pot is expensive is because the mud material is still the most expensive because of the mud material. Thereforebecause the mud material is still a molding techniquethe scarcity of the purple sand mud is not as serious as everyone thinks. A small amount of really rare mud is really rareand the price is veryvery expensive. These muds may obviously make it affordable for every pot friend. For most peoplethe mud of ordinary ore is enough.

Who is more important in mud and craftIn ancient timespurple sand mud was first called rich soil. Fugui soil is not the richness of the soil itselfbut the people who use this soil to make the pot can get rich. At this pointthe purple sand mud and some jade are completely different. Many jade materials are worth the money themselvesand they are worth the money without carving. Because jade is based on weight and texturebut purple sand mud is not worth the moneyit is a pile of mudand it is a skill to make gold. The reason why the teapot is so expensive is because the mud is still a molding technique. The mud is so Ceramic Teapot With Handle no matter what kind of purple sand mud you use to make the pot. If the quality of the pot is not goodthe value of the pot will never be high.The first batch of national intangible cultural heritage was the Yixing purple sand pottery making techniquenot the teapot. The making technique of the teapot is also unique in the world. It can be seen that the traditional handforming technique of the teapot is the core question of the value of the purple sand processHow to choose a pot?

AnswerBefore you choose a potyou must first know your own needs. What to buy for a pot is to give away or use it for yourself. If you give itwhat kind of tea does he drinkwhether he knows the potwhat price he wants to sendand so on. If you are using it yourselfyou should also think about what kind of tea to preparehow many people use itand what price to buy. Know that you can choose your own suitable teapot. QuestionWhy are the prices of teapots so differentAnswerThe price of the teapot is determined by various aspects such Hs Code For Ceramic Teapot as workshaperhymemudand name. If we buy clothesthere are tens to hundreds to thousands ofthe difference is in these aspectsgood materialsgood tailorsgood stylesand whether it is a brandthese factors are indispensable. The same is true for the teapot. The workmanshipmaterialsstyleconnotationand reputation determine the price of a pot. Masterlevel works have been auctioned to millions of peoplethat is beyond the use valueis a collection of works of artwith the connotation and taste of art. The price of teapots varies greatlyHow to identify chemical potsLook at the ultrapractical purple sand question and answer!

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