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His extraordinary creative design abilityhe combines unique materialsunique molding techniques and unique cultural connotationsmaking his teapot full of artistic charmthe charm of the clan. On the roundwaistsquarehexagonalside anglesea otter; regardless of highshortcurvedstraightare strictly neatfull of charm. The qualityqualityplain color and plain purple sand are integrated into the cultural heritage in many aspects such as modelingmud Ceramic Alice In Wonderland Teapot colorinscriptionscalligraphypaintingsculpture and engraving. The art of decorating the teapot is also quite researched. The teapot decorated with gold and silver wire has a good reputation at home and abroadand is favored by pot lovers and collectors. Known as the contemporary golden decoration master. In 2011he was awarded the title of Chinese Art Everyone by the Chinese Literary Federation of the Ministry of Culture for his artistic accomplishments. Many of his works have been included in many professional books and magazines such as China Purple Sands Codeand his works are also popular among Zisha lovers and collectors. Some of his works have been collected by Zhongguanghai Ziguangge and many domestic and foreign museums.

The performance of Zisha art creation is quite richand has already included many largescale classics such as Contemporary Chinese Ceramics Masters and Chinese and Foreign Celebrity Dictionary and Chinese Arts and Crafts Masters Collection. In 1988he participated in the commemoration of the ChinaJapan Peace and Friendship TreatyChina Yixing Ceramic Boil Water In Ceramic Teapot Art Exhibitionand participated in many domestic and international ceramic art exchangesChinaKorea Art Exchange Exhibition and other series of exhibitions. His works have won many national awardsand many papers have been included in provinciallevel publications. This has added unlimited vitality and vitality to the ancient Zisha art cultureand has made positive contributions to the development of Zisha art. Little purple sandwon the vicissitudes of lifepretend to be cultural whimsy. It not only leads Chinas teadrinking stylebut also delights distant Europe. For thousands of yearsYixings purple sand artistswith their endless imagination and dexterous handsvividly displayed the profound cultural heritage of the Chinese nation in front of the world. Purple sandwhy do people love you?

Zisha is a kind of natural clayrich in ironcalciumsodiumpotassiumzinc and other elements. It can improve the bodys immunity for a long time. The purple sand pot is very breathablethat isthe summer is not overnightand the teapot can absorb tea. The aromathe teapot with regular teaoccasionally does not put teathe water also has tea fragrance. Seeing thisthe problem of the pot friend is definitely coming. I also like the teapot. But when I hear the Ceramic Electric Teapot Kettle chemical potthe grouting pot thinks about how to buy the authentic Yixing teapot with good quality and real price. Go to the counter to buyI advise you to just think about itChinas dealer modelthe layer of price increasesto the hands of the pot friends are only high prices. This is why many potters have spent a lot of money but bought a quality teapot. How can I buy a good teapot and taste natural healthTodayI will tell you about things I have personally experienced. I am a small pottery of the family of Enshi Zisha. It is a sister born and raised in DingshanYixing. Enshi Zisha was founded by the ancestors 50 years ago. It is the oldfashioned pot family of Yixingbased on honesty.

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