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Why does the newly bought teapot have an odorAThe reason why the teapot is so delicious is that the purple sand has a unique double pore structurewhich can absorb the tea fragranceso naturally it can also absorb other flavors. After the purple sand pot is out of the kilnthere are some earthy smells and fire burnt flavorswhich are all normal kiln flavors. Is Zisha only Japanese Ceramic Teapots Wholesale available in YixingAZisha mud is a unique mineral in Yixing. In May 2006Yixing Zisha was selected as the first batch of Chinas intangible cultural heritage protection list. No one has found the same minerals as Yixing Zisha in another corner of the world. The outer mud of Qingan in the bottom of the mine areamixed with a large amount of sedimentneed to add a large amount of pigment tones to do other places. It is said that the purple sand mud is the most purple sand potteryand the breathability of the finished product is not as good as that of the original mine purple sand mud.

Why is the color of the pot that is fired from the same mud differentAThe same kind of mud is taken from different mining areas. Different rock layers have different proportions of materials in the ore. The content of various types of oxides after hightemperature oxidation reaction is differenteven at the same kiln temperaturethe color produced by firing is Old Japanese Ceramic Teapots different. I dont want to make a pot of teacan IAThe teapot has a strong teasucking function. If you use tea with different tea flavorsthe tea taste is very mixed. In the futureif the tea is soaked in the potthe tea taste of the tea will not be pure. It is generally recommended that a teapot can only soak a type of tea. It is best not to mix a variety of teas with the same teapot. For exampleuse it today to soak black teause it to soak the iron Guanyin tomorrowand use it to brew green tea the day after tomorrow.

Howeverit is as if you are cooking without cookingand the fried dishes are eaten by yourself. This is your right and freedom. Is the number of meshes in the clay pot large or smallThe bottom mud trough green mud material enlarges the sand feelingthe golden sand point AThere is no good or bad pointpurely personal preferencethe higher the purple sand mudthe Red Japanese Teapot Ceramic finer the feelif you like the delicate texture of the teapot can choose 80 Above the targetif you like rough and quaint purple sandyou can choose low mesh. Why did my teapots have been raised for a monthsoaked up every daystill did not raise the patinaABecause the good mud material can be pulped very quicklythe pot made of real ore purple sand mud material will definitely be patinabut the patina is not urgent. It takes time to raise the tea sand pot. Need to wipe cleanfrom a few months to more than a few months.

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