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Purple mudthe more common typical purple sand mud; purplebrownone of the most widely accepted muds. For the Huanglong Mountain in YixingJiangsu Provincethe purple sand ore excavated from the vein is refined. The iron content in the vein is higher. The larger particles in the mud material are obviously doubleporousand the air convection is smooth. Good; use for a long timegradually revealing the edgeand develop the best teaching material for changing the pot. The beauty of the purple sand square is that the line is stiffthe strength is straightand the lines are sharp. And compared with the roundthe square is Ceramic Tea Cup Planters shaped and the production process is more difficult. Thenfrom which angles to appreciate What is the beauty of the purple sand squareThe five angles to appreciate the beauty of the purple sand square should be reasonablethe proportion should be appropriatethe lines should be smoothand the virtual and real match should be appropriate. This has a very important relationship with the creativity and insights of the works. The square tea set produced does not care how many faces and how many layers there are. The key is to have a sense of layering and threedimensional space. Five angles to appreciate the beauty of the purple sand square

This is the most important visual feature of an square teapot. In the Qing DynastyHuang Yulin’s Sanding Pots and Pots and the modern Jiao Caps created by Gu Jingzhou were favored and sought after by collectors and experts because they reflected the beauty of power. The five angles to appreciate the beauty of the purple sand squarethe socalled squareis measured by the mathematical solid geometry concept. For examplethe brick square created by Mr. Pan Zhiping is dignified and wellintegratedwhich is a superior work. The corner mentioned here is not only the meaning of the angle. It is a kind of temperamentthat isthe upper and lower left and right lines are clearly definedthe angle is coordinatedand the symmetry is symmetrical. From the perspective of the purple sand squarethe Paintable Ceramic Teapot beauty of the Zhuang Yulin number of grain purple sand squares is stricter on the mud. Usuallyit is preferable to mix appropriate sand grains with mud materials such as Ping Purple and Bottom Groove Green. After firingthe sand grains appear to be hidden in the potbut instead make people feel old and not drynew and not tenderthick and not moistdelicate and not fascinating chaotic feeling. This is the process characteristic that the square goods are different from other common types of teapots. Five angles to appreciate the beauty of the purple sand square

It is not only the rounds that can be runthe squares in the public side processingbut also pay attention to the feeling in the square of the artistic feelingsthe lines are processed at the junction to be more roundedmaking the line changes more characteristic. Of coursea good work should also be based on the characteristics of the model and the creative conceptand it is not necessary to be forced to find a circle contact. Although there are no uniform requirements for the beauty of the purple sand square at five anglesa good purple sand square will inevitably handle the relationship between the linethe corner and the surface in the production process. In other wordsas long as it is reasonable The relationship Hand Painted Ceramic Teapot between the threeregardless of the style of the final workcan bring a strong artistic appeal to the viewerlet people admire it. The inheritance and development of the teapot Yixing Zisha Zisha pot is a unique Chinese pottery craftsmanship. The raw materials for the production of purple since the Ming Emperor Wuzong Zhengde yearsZisha began to make potsfamous peopleand 500 years of continuous quality. s inheritance and development slowlypurple sand tea set has formed its own systemknown by peopleits inheritance and development can come from the following seven aspects. + In addition to the beauty of the potthe utility is also a part of the craftsman.

Friends who use Nafus onebead play pot know a wordonly the teapot in the tea set is more and more new. This is not to say that the more you use itthe more it is like a new productbut after drinking teathe teapot can show a fascinating lightwarm and jadegiving people a new lookMoss treasure lovenot a palm For a long timethe outer class of purple jadesuch as Biyun. Although purple sand is afraid of oilafraid of dirtymore afraid of fallingbut if you buy purple sand to useit will seriously affect its colorit is not conducive to its valueadded . Experts in the circle said that the life of purple sand is in the tea seacan not serve Painted Ceramic Teapot teathe purple sand is no longer raisedthe price can actually be turned ten times! Moreoverit can enhance their charm! Some people even sayThe pot of the potter Not for teathey use tea to raise the pot. Collect teapots to the situation of raising potsin addition to having moneyyou have to have leisure; in addition to having leisureyou have to be mindful. Lets raise the pot for so longand laterI am afraid that it is the temperament of the potor the temperament of the pot. The raise of the pot is goodthe price can be turned ten times! Whats moreit can enhance your charm!

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