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The first person in the late Qing collectionto see his purple sand collection! Gong Xinyu was a good cultural relic and studied hardso he collected a lot of cultural relics. For exampleQin Shangyu Fang Shengthe end of the Qin Shi Huang Shushuthe countrys heavy treasurethe Warring States Yue Wang JianSong Dynasty Mi FuMa YuanXia Gui and other famous paintings and calligraphySong Yu kiln disk. Among the many collections of his Zhanzhan Ceramic Tea Cup Planters Zhaithere are many famous Zisha masterpieces. Lets enjoy some of them in the following. Kangxi Chen Mingyuan made the fourlegged square pot to collect the first person in the late Qing Dynasty to come and see his purple sand collection! Mingyuan Sifang Foot Pot This pot is the old collection of Gong Xinyi. It is now in the Shanghai Museum. It is a classic Mingyuan Quartet. It has an inscription on the body of the potit is drinking and readingbut it is full of belly. Take the code from Zhuangzi Xiaoyao Tourthe nest is in the deep forestbut one branch; the squirrel drinks the riverbut full of belly. The life of the individual is extremely small in time and spacethe vastness of nature and the infinite knowledge and awe. Howeverwe dont have to be awkward and arrogantand we can be selfsufficient and sing. The first person of the Mansheng Baisong pot collection in the late Qing Dynastyto see his purple sand collection! Manson Hundreds of Pots

This pot is the old collection of Gong Xinyu. In 2017Xichunchun took this pot and took a high price of 12.6 million yuan. The first person in the late Qing collectionto see his purple sand collection! This pot shape is dignified and stablethe proportion is coordinatedsimple and simpleand the atmosphere is extraordinary. The size of the body is like a fistand it feels very good. The babys body is brightthe sun is shiningthe mud is brownthe red is redthe yellow is covered with yellow and brownand the mottled is like a rag. The body of the pot inscriptionDo not light brownwhich has thingslive to liveMan Shengming. The mud Hand Painted Ceramic Teapot color uses the expressiveness and echoes the inscriptionwhich makes people feel amazed. Dabin models pots in the late Qing collection of the first personto see his purple sand collection! Dabin pot This pot is the old collection of Gong Xinyuthe masterpiece of Dabin when making the famous pot. The pots handed down by Dabin are all fineand the pots are made of bamboo leaves and cymbalswhich are made of purple mud. The upper part of the pot is rounded and foldedand the lower part of the belly is flat. The spout has three bendsthe pot handle is light and roundand there is a warping angle. The curved root is connected with the body of the kettle with the intentional patternand the ring handle is also applied with the pattern. The lid of the lid is smallthe upper part is also like a capand the lower part is round and meticulous.

The overall shape is simple and simpleand the apartment is stronger than the cleverness. It has the simple and generous momentum of the Ming Dynasty. Qingying Xuan Han bottle pot is the first person to collect in the late Qing Dynastyto see his purple sand collection! Qingxuan Xuan Han bottle pot This pot is the old collection of Gong Xinyuwhich was made by Xu Longwena pot maker in the late Ming Dynasty. It was circulated to Japan and Ceramic Or Porcelain Teapot later purchased for Gong Xinyi. In the box of this potGong also recorded in detail. The ribbed teapot is a classification of the purple sander typewhich is a combination of natural and geometric pots according to certain rules. Generallythe circular shape is basically a pot typewhich is divided into several equal parts according to the proportionand then combined with various patterns into various patternsand the concave and convex contours are extended to the pot surface. Its production difficulty is much higher than that of the round. The objects to be taken often include various patterns in naturesuch as plumchrysanthemumrhubarband daffodils.

The most difficult pot to make a teapotdo you know what potIn the Ming Dynastythe Penghua Linghua type purple sand pot purple sand has strong plasticitythe surface of the vessel is unglazedand the fetal bone is exposed. This also provides favorable conditions for the design surface of the ribbed shapeturningtransitionand ribbing. The effect is fully utilized in the sander. The lines are symmetrical and evenly divided into several equal partsso that the shape of the texture is clear and smooththe mouth is tight and the circumference is How To Paint A Ceramic Teapot turned. These characteristics make the ribs in different expressions from the beginningindependent of the purple sand art sea. The most difficult pot to make a teapotdo you know what potThe socalled turning of the Heling pot means that the cover and the body can be rotated and replaced according to the rib patternand all of them must be comprehensive and rigorousand the whole body is coordinated and the momentum is coherent. This requirement requires a fairly solid foundation and is a considerable time to complete.

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