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The most difficult pot to make a teapotdo you know what potPlum blossom Zhoupan pot plum blossom Zhoupan is one of the representative works of traditional classic rib cages. It has been very popular since the Ming Dynasty and became one of the indispensable tea sets at that time. And its classic style is also deeply rooted in the hearts of the peopleand has become the object of many purple sand artists competing to imitate. The most difficult pot to make a teapotdo you know what potPlum blossom Zhoupan pot full handmade Painted Ceramic Teapot flow chart straight and falling bodythree curved mouthmeticulous pot the plum blossoms of the new style. From the topit looks like a plum blossoma cover like a corea cover cover ringand a pot shoulder are all flowers. The mouth is tightly matchedand it is not allowed to be made. The production of the pot is prudentand the work is fine. From the cover to the body of the kettlethe corners of each turning point are clearly definedand the ribs are wellbalanced and mutually penetrated. The body of the pot is made of sixpetal plum blossomsand the body of the pot is integrated with the lid of the pot. The concept is ingeniousthe line surface is clearthe technique is delicateand the charm is beautiful.

The simple question is the most complicatedCan a teapot be soaked in a variety of teasAs mentioned abovea teapot can completely brew a variety of teasbut you have to say how appropriate it isI dont think it is necessarythis is the result of ignoring human nature. First of allthe teapot is highly absorbent and easy to absorbwhich is objective and well known. A pot of teaperhaps the actual impact of string flavor is smallbut the psychological impact Ceramic Or Porcelain Teapot can not be ignored. Some pot friends have reacteda pot of teaalways feel that the taste of tea is not purereally have such a big impactActuallyit may not be bigbut the pot friend feels different. Just like the problem of the mouth coversome of the teapot lids are slightly widerand the pot friends think it is easy to drool. ActuallyNo effect! But what is uncomfortable in his heart.

Chinas tChere are many mud materials that are blended,not pure enough,and even add chemical materials;Second,look at the workmanship,the wellmade teapot is not just a tea maker,it is more like a work of art.Do you know the difference between highgrade teapots and medium and lowgrade teapots?

The teapot is not only versatile and beautiful,but also has good air permeability,good heat and cold performance,and is both beautiful and practical.In recent years,the art auction market,as long as the Tibetan friends and pot friends who have been concerned about it,should know more or less the market conditions of some purple sand works.The current auction of teapots is becoming more and more hot,and almost every time there will be a higher price,which also makes us aware of the characteristics of the purple sand can compete with gold.Is the teapot expensive? After deep understanding,you will have a new understanding!

Yixing is located at the western bank of Taihu Lake in the southern tip of Jiangsu Province.It is the junction of the three provinces of Jiangsu,Zhejiang and Anhui.It was named Jingxi at the beginning of the week and belongs to Wu State.At the end of the Spring and Autumn Period,the Gospel practiced Wu,and it was changed to the Vietnam State.When the Warring States How To Paint A Ceramic Teapot Period was Chu,the Qin Dynasty was renamed Yangshuo.Is the teapot expensive? After deep understanding,you will have a new understanding!Guyangyu,there are mountains and mountains,rocks and rocks,abundant rain and warm climate.Yangshuo tea has been sung in the north and south in the Tang Dynasty.The socalled the emperor did not taste the Yangshuo tea,and the herb did not dare to bloom first. Tea Sheng Lu Yu once lived in Yixing Nanshan to grow tea,pick tea and make tea.

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