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The purple art culture has a long history. When I was thinking about DongpoI had a pot of good teaa friend of three or fiveand sat down and talked about it. The elegant life of the literati was fully exerted. Nowadaysmodern people living in the material society need the return of this realm. And this returnperhapsis from a cup of teaa pot.The pot is well raisedand the price can be turned ten times! Moreoverit can also enhance your charm! Think of a word adapted by a potterand give it to everyone who loves the potwater pot to the pot to brew waterand one dayhi also one day. The pot does not ask for a potbut the heart is also comfortableand the stomach is comfortable. I have to buy pots for the rest of my Ceramic Or Porcelain Teapot money. I like them too much. I like them too. Three pots of tea after three mealsthick and sweetfine and sweet. I often chat with my friends about the whole familyand I love the pot. The poor are also safeand the rich are also safe. Work hard in the morning and eveningbusy and optimisticleisure is also optimistic. A pot of tea comes to a bookand when it comes to the teapotno one knows the name of Gu Jingzhou. A lot of Zisha collections are for everyonebut they are also looking for works that are only for the collection of Gu Lao. Howeverthere are still some masters of purple sandtheir craftsmanship is also a good one. TodayXiaohua will take you to find out some famous Zisha masters in the late Qing Dynasty. Shao Daheng

This name must be familiar to everyone. He created the tycoononly a bundle of bamboofish and dragonand so on. It is still passed down as a classic. His works have been regarded as treasures by teaseekers and collectors in the Qing Dynastyand there is a saying that a pot of golda few can not be obtained. It can be seen that his reputation as a pottery at that time was high. The existing Fishing Dragon Pot and Faucet Bundle of Bamboo Pots are hidden in the Nanjing Museum. Shao Youting listened to his name and may be Shao Jiahengs How To Paint A Ceramic Teapot own family. He is also the father of Cheng Shouzhenwhom we know well. He is good at making round potsamong which the famous ones include You Tinga beadand an egg pot. Most of his works are covered with the elliptical embossed seal of the word You Tingwhich is deeply loved by collectors. Shen Xiyin visited Yixing Xingyan Tan to see the sentence The Emperor ordered SushanGongcheng has Shenxi and named it Shen Xi. He is a pottery artistand he is wellcarved. His works include ShengfangHanfang and Brick. Zeng and Yang PengnianQi YingshaoZhu Jian and other cooperative pots. At the bottom of the potthere are many tea cooked and warm Yangyang Shushu. Yangshuo sand pot chart test saidYangshuo pot art can be a famous personwhen pushed to be a staminathen there is the glory of Guangling.

Huang Yulin is a famous espresso pot after Shao Daheng. He is best at RyukyuSpring and Fish Dragon. Laterhe was hired by the great collector Wu Dazhaoand visited the Zhong Ding and ancient pottery of the Wufu collection. Huang Yulin is a potand the mud material is based on the characteristics of the potintegrated into the heartrepeated deploymentand How To Paint Ceramic Teapot natural! He Xinzhous people make potspotswashing and other kinds of purple sand artifactsand the makers are often unique in shape and unique in their originalitywhich is very popular among the literati at that time. Like the famous Yucheng Kiln at that timehe produced a lot of works by He Xinzhouthe most famous of which was his heart boat. He Xinzhou made design innovations on the original stone scoop pot shape. The most obvious point is that the middle part of the pot button is slightly flat and is called the heart boat scoop by later generations. Todaythe works of these masters can be said to be worthless. Many people are collecting their works not only because of their namebut also because the artistic wealth they left for the times is so precious. Howeverthere are quite a lot of old pots on the market todayso be careful when collecting them! Like the little friend click [Da Sheng said pot] and play with the big holy purple sand!

There are a lot of Chinese people who have always liked to drink tea. This has long been a tradition. Whether you want to be at home or have friends and familymost people will choose to have a cup of green tea. In facttea can also effectively exert health effects on the human bodybut a can of tea can not be eaten after it is opened. At this timeit must be saved as soon as possibleotherwise it will have an impact. In factthe tea must not be placed indiscriminately after opening. The following way of storing this itemeven if it has been put for How To Paint On A Ceramic Teapot a long timecan still have aroma. taste. Tea should not be placed indiscriminately. There are two major precautionsno longer worry about the deterioration of tea. In daily storagein facttea has certain requirements for the surrounding environment. If the temperature is relatively highit is likely that the quality of the tea will be affected. Impactso try not to be placed in the sun when storingthere are many people will be placed directly in the refrigeratoralthough the way the refrigerator is stored is relatively goodbut because the refrigerator itself is in a wet statevery It may breed a lot of bacteriawhich will eventually affect the quality of the tea and the taste will change.

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