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Among the many tea sets,the most popular and most aesthetically valuable,the first is the teapot.The teapot is condensed with rich cultural content,embodying the essence of Chinese traditional Ceramic Tea Kettle Stove Top culture and national art,reflecting the artistic aura of Chinese classical aesthetics,simple and noble.In recent years,with the return of Chinese traditional culture,peoples love for the teapot has risen to an unprecedented height.

All said that a good teapot is called ancient.Li Yu,a writer from the late Ming and early Qing dynasties,once commented that the purple sand pot has nothing to do with sand,and the essence of the pot is nothing more than impotence,which shows that its value is extraordinary.The teapot is the most unique historical handicraft in China.It is not only a piece of history,but also a feeling for the nation.

Yixing Zisha family,ingenuity for centuriesHello everyone,I am the founder of Joes shopkeeper brand.From the time of my greatgrandfather,I have settled here for generations.In the past 100 years,Dingshu Town has changed a lot.What remains unchanged is the initial heart of our family.The merchants who used to make pots once persuaded Grandpa to say that How To Clean Ceramic Teapot Spout it is easy for you to make a grouting pot directly.Why do you have to do a pure handmade pot,laborious,dont make money,dont say so much,you can make a batch and a batch,one You can make a profit in years.Grandpa doesnt think so.Nowadays,the handmade teapot is a kind of teapot culture that is almost lost.If you dont insist on it,then people who really love tea culture and love teapots are not without the future? Maybe you are buying a grouting pot that doesnt have the slightest charm,and I sell a very scarce handmade teapot.

Chemical potChemical pots are the most concerned by the pot friends,adding chemical reagents,longterm drinking is not good for health.This type of teapot,the raw material is not the original ore purple sand,but the clay is added with oxide toning,thus posing as a teapot.

The color of chemical pots is quite special,and some pots do not have the texture and graininess of purple sand.Note It should be noted that this is different from the addition of purple sand blending mud,which is not a purple sand ore.Handdrawn potThe handdrawn pot Ceramic Stovetop Tea Kettle is also a kind of fake purple sand.First,the raw material is a very fine purple sand mud,which is prepared by adding water glass.Secondly,the process is not a traditional manual beat molding.

The handdrawn pot lost the unique breathability of the purple sand pot and also lost the traditional handmade charm.Dont mess with the teapot,the source of the direct supply is only the price of this kind of pot,because it is made in the shape of the pot,the inner wall of the pot generally has a horizontal circle pattern.Grouting potThe pulp pot is also not in the raw material and process,and the two hundred mesh mud can be grouted.Similarly,such mud material loses the permeability of the purple sand.Dont buy the teapot again,the source is directly supplied.

Grouting processThe grouting pots are all batchformed,and the cost is low and the workmanship is rough.Dont buy the teapot again,the source is directly supplied.Typical grouting potBecause the grouting pot is formed by flowing cooling in the mold,the inner wall will have a depression at the joint of the pot and the like,or where there is a sole there is an external protrusion,and the inside must be a depression.

Foundry potDont buy the teapot again,the source is directly supplied.The socalled foundry pot is the pot maker who does not make the pot himself,and asks others to make the pot,that is,the Where Can I Buy Ceramic Teapots person who makes the pot makes a fake for his own work,stamps his own seal,signs his own certificate,and appears in the the market.I hope that you can add a WeChat to the shopkeeper,know about the teapot,dont buy fake purple sand.

In order to allow the majority of pot friends to buy handmade teapots,put an end to the middlemen,avoid being deceived,and let the pot friends start the authentic teapot at the lowest price.The other is also to keep up with the times for the Zisha pot shop.The network can let more friends who like the teapot know Joes shopkeeper,which can make the family pot business have a better inheritance.

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