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Do you know the four games of purple sand pot

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Play with tea

The most important function of purple sand pot is of course to make tea. The advantages of making tea in purple sand pot are: it does not lose the aroma of tea, and there is no smell of cooked soup. The quality of the pot wall absorbs the smell of tea, and the quality of the pot affects the effect of making tea.Purple sand pot does not apply glaze inside and outside, maintains small pores, has good permeability, but impervious to water, and has strong adsorption, which is not comparable to the general teapot, it can keep the aromatic oil in the tea from heat volatilization and form fragrance, improve the late acidity of tea soup, play a role of convergence and sterilization


Purple sand pottery is a unique pottery handicraft in China. It is famous for its diverse shapes, quaint color, durable quality and exquisite technology. Since the song dynasty, the production of purple sand pottery in Ming dynasty has formed a relatively complete technological system.In the early qing dynasty, the making of zisha pot came into its heyday. In the early qing dynasty, geometric ware was very popular

Play collection

If limited by economic income, the award-winning works or representative works created by art artists or assistants can also be selected for collection.The characteristic of the work and characteristic when choosing to collect, should choose the work that works of creation of a few prize-winning works to have individual characteristic to undertake collecting as far as possible

Play the investment

In play and in the process of collection, as time goes on, you can collect the collection of the value of the rising, this is not only to your choice and appreciate the judgment level affirmation and the test, you get the real material comforts and economic benefits that may be able to let people have a special liking to recommended another kind of charm

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