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Eye catching when choosing purple clayteapot

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The teapot is very particular when it is purchased. The "eyes" are very important. Just like seeing a person, I like it or not, and I already have a fixed number in my heart. I have to say that when I look at one thing, the gravity is really big. As the saying goes, "The lover's eyes are out of Shih Tzu", like a teapot, there are always people who are clap their hands, and they are also blind. The pot you are looking at is not necessarily recognized by others. The valuable pot you play, others will not think it is the best. Therefore, it is difficult for an object of the teapot to be objective and fair to judge the standard. It can only be said that everyone who loves the pot has a pot that looks like a treasure.

zisha teapot.png

It is goodlooking and enjoyable. It is both pleasing to the eye and stands out among the many teapots. It is different and makes people forget it at first sight. The socalled eyecatching is not eyecatching, even if it is gorgeous, there is no connotation is a soulless teapot, many manufacturers, in order to achieve the eye of the bloggers, increase sales, in the teapot on the big transformation, decoration, to achieve more The purpose of the position, after all, there are several people who really understand the pot. Too much gorgeous things are lack of simplicity, and the purple sand pot pays attention to the traditional beauty.

Look at it, not just at a glance, it is to watch it repeatedly and carefully, and discover the beauty of it. There are many teapots that look exquisite at first glance. After careful watching, there are all kinds of cockroaches everywhere. The typical one is that among them". It may be that I am excited to buy it home today. I suddenly find that there is no spirituality tomorrow and I lose interest. The excellent teapot boutique has a charm and a spirituality. The master who made it is also the most demanding and very strict test. The made teapot retains the traditional atmosphere, not the oldfashioned, the outer beauty and the inner beauty, and the design concept and creativity must be in line with the rules, and can not lose the charm of the teapot.

yixing tea set.png

The teapot is the fate of this life for the pot friends. When it is around you, it will bring you lots of fun. When you leave it, you will miss it inexplicably. It is the shadow of your mind, always looming in front of your eyes. . It is very important that when you have a pot that you are particularly interested in, through multiple comparisons, you can't erase your position in your heart, then this pot is worth buying. If you miss the opportunity and are sold by others, I am afraid that there is no second pot in the world.

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