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Five big treatment of purple sand pot

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Flap there are three main forms:one is the cover, inlaid with flat cover and virtual embedded cover, embedded products can achieve accurate seam gap of the paperless hair belongs to top grade two is gland, namely the style of the overburden pressure on the hukou, fangyuan when two kinds of design requirements lid diameter slightly larger than the outside diameter at the border, commonly known as day pressure to cover three is cut, it is the same segmentation of curve or straight line forms to the lid and the pot body, such as pear type pot of tomato pot cut cover modelling concise, integral feeling is strong, products to appropriate size, outer contour line should also be consistent with each other, so the molding technology demand is higher

The spout types can be divided into one curved spout, two curved spouts, three straight spouts and five flow spouts

First, the spout should be suitable for the flow curve modelling, and the length of the spout thickness on the pot body's installation position to the appropriate second, spout wall must be smooth smooth, pot body mesh more water to cool the third, the vent on the lid to appropriate size, holes to outside a small horn, it is not easy to be water paste, note tea in a timely manner, air can enter in POTS are recommended the nozzle has the oneeyed mesh and half sphere filter hole, with the change of the tea drinking habits and changing

Are recommended in the pot to handle pot forms, there are end to the transverse girder three end the pot is one of the most common ewer cross is made in the tea on the style, in the form of round shape for Jane liang pot from tile for cooking plates, the size of the girder and the pot body wants to coordinate, is unfavorable and exorbitant also made of metal or bamboo rattan adjustable girder, rich texture contrast and artistic effect, so more decorative

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The son of the pot to deal with the son of the pot form, there is a spherical bridge shape cow nose shape gourd handle shape tree stump shape and xiao shape animals and so on purple sand pot shape system high commonly used round ball son, short use bridge shape son, and flower goods with gourd handle shape xiao shape animal many cattle nose shape son firm, take steady, form cover surface contrast effect is good

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