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As long as the symptom is solved during the use, try to achieve the following points, the drooling phenomenon will be controlled, as follows: Do not overfill the water, such as Xi Shi pot type, its own specific form is easy to drool. Therefore, when drinking tea, do not overfill the water, so that the color of the pot does not match the pot body. Don't tilt the pot too much. If the tilt angle of the pot is too large when pouring tea, all the water will easily Can You Make Tea In A Ceramic Teapot press the lid. It is recommended that the tea pouring gesture be smooth. The waterreceiving gesture should be refreshing and decisive. When pouring water, the gesture should be decisive and not dragging, so as to avoid drooling. Spare tea towels can be wiped at any time during the course of use. The spare tea towels can be wiped in time to avoid drooling and inconsistent color of the pot body. As for pouring water into the pot without drooling, when you go home to make tea, drooling is caused by the inconsistency of the tension between the water and the tea soup. Drooling is more severe if tea dregs block the flow holes.

According to the above explanation, the quality of a pot is not based on drooling, and drooling has nothing to do with the quality of the teapot. Especially the player should not get around this problem. When judging a pot, many pot friends often use a method: pouring hot water on the surface of the pot body. If it dries faster, there is water absorption and nonhanging. Water means that the mud is good. This practice is widely circulated, and many pot friends are very convinced, so is it correct, and what is the basis? Let's talk about this How To Make Tea In A Ceramic Teapot today. It doesn't sell offenses either, let's first say the conclusion: this method of identifying mud by absorbing water and not hanging water is incorrect. First of all, let's analyze it. If hot water is poured on the surface of the pot, the pot absorbs good water and will dry quickly. In addition, if it is not easy to hang water on the pot, it will dry quickly. Let's talk about hanging water first, it depends on several factors, we mainly say three. For example, potshaped Shih Tzu is related to the speed of water drying.

For example, pot shapes such as Shih Tzu do not form stagnant water on the surface of the pot. Relatively the incoming water must dry faster, while the lines of antique pots are smoother, and the running water is naturally slower. It's slower. Sintering degree If the sintering degree and crystallinity of the Zhu Ni Pan pot are relatively high, the porcelain degree of the pot will be higher. Zhu Ni is a good example. The surface is delicate, and this type of water will easily slide off the surface of the pot, and naturally it will dry quickly. Processing How To Make Tea With A Ceramic Teapot the appearance of waxing The processing here means that if the pot is polished, waxed, etc., then the surface of the natural pot is also very smooth, it is not easy to hang water, and it dries quickly. Then, after introducing no water, let's talk about the water absorption theory that many pot friends agree with. Many people think that since the faster the drying, the better the water absorption, the better the air permeability, and the mud is naturally better. In fact, this judgment is also wrong. We must first know that the water absorption and air permeability of the purple sand pot are completely different.

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