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How To Make A Clay Teapot Lid

Issuing time:2019-12-13 15:53Author:Zisha Clay Teapot

What is the role of sandin the teapot?First, the finished product has obvious use effectThe structure of the pores determines the effect of use. In order Vintage Ceramic Musical Teapot to make up for the shortage of some mineral materials, it is necessary to add mineral materials with high quartz content to increase the quartz content in the green body and increase the ratio of Vintage Ceramic Monkey Teapot open pores in the green body.Second, reduce the production skills, improve the firing rateThe small red mud in the red mud category belongs to clay, which is large in shrinkage and difficult to manufacture and fire. To reduce the difficulty, pretreat the mud make raw sand or mature sand, and Antique Japanese Teapots Ceramic then add it to improve the plasticity and yield.What is the role of sandin the teapot?Third, improve the degree of sintering, the pursuit of good color

Color and sinterness are a pair of contradictions in the production of purple sand. A certain temperature, a Antique Ceramic Teapots certain burning atmosphere, purple sand will certainly present a certain color. But the problem is that the color is very good, but not sintered, this is not a finished product, because the teapot must Antique Chinese Teapots Ceramic meet the practical functions breathable impervious, high strength of the green body not brittle. However, attention should be paid to the coloration of the added sand itself, which affects the overall color of the pot after firing.

What is the role of sandin the teapot?Fourth, reduce the Avanti Camelia Ceramic Teapot sintering temperature and reduce costs

Some minerals, quartz is not much, but the low melting point of organic content is too small, so the sintering temperature is also very high, and some Ceramic Teapots Black And White reach 1310 degrees generally about 1180 degrees, not only energy consumption, but also the high temperature The number of kiln places is relatively small, resulting in increased costs. By grinding the clay Blue Sky Ceramic Teapots content into a pellet or preformed into raw pellets and then adding it, the effect of lowering the sintering temperature can be achieved.What is the role of sandin the teapot?Fifth, the decorative role

Typical is the sanding sand sand process. This is almost the same as the process of sesame on the Light Blue Ceramic Teapot biscuit. The sesame cake is sesame and delicious. The teapot is sand and looks good. However, the sanding process can not be abused. If the process Blue And White Ceramic Teapot is not closed, it will destroy the natural style of the teapot. The distribution of sand is not too regular or too messy. Not only does it not add to the beauty of the icing on the cake, but it is a ugly addition.

Regarding the daily maintenance of the teapot, it has always been a problem for the pot friends. In fact, from the perspective of the pot friend, Blue Sky Ceramic Teapot this mood can be fully understood. After all, after all the hard work and getting a purple sand pot in my mind, the question that comes one after Blue And White Ceramic Teapots another is how to use it well! Today, just as there is a pot friend asking me, by the way, I will sort out the answers at the time as followsQuestions about cooking

The socalled open pot, personally recommended to rinse with clean water. Cooking with water, adding tea, adding Ceramic Bisque Teapots sugar cane, adding tofu, etc. cant achieve the effect you want. The explanation from the physical point of view is that after the purple sand mud is fired Black And White Ceramic Teapots at a high temperature of more than one thousand degrees, the organic matter has been burned, the inorganic matter has been sintered, and the strong molecular bond does not change in the boiling water of 100 degrees.

Network Picture Tea PotOn the contrary, during the cooking process, if the operation is careless, there will be many accidents. For example, after the cooking, the water line or the antialkali phenomenon appears Red And Black Ceramic Teapot on the pot, and only some other methods can be used in the later stage; for example during the cooking process Because of the uneven heating, there is a sharp phenomenon and so on.Questions about oilThe biggest advantage of the purple sand material Black Ceramic Teapots is the breathability of the doublelayered pore structure, the oilinsoluble oil, which has always been the biggest enemy of the teapot. In fact, in the process of using the teapot, the oil stains are not far away.

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