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How To Make A Pottery Teapot

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The latter is to polish the new pot into a fake paste, and then bury the soil and ash, and even make the old pot with shoe polish. The Hand Painted Ceramic Teapotsnew pot is old and the old pot is dirty and messy, except for the bottom section. Generally, the outside is to make the old pot feel. One is particularly dirty and the other is particularly bright. It is relatively easy to distinguish. Play pots and buy pots must be cautious. Be sure to start thinking about them before you Ceramic Paint For Teapotstart. Do not impulse consumption. Otherwise, you can buy the above types of pots. It really lowers the level of playing pots. Life is like tea. Enjoy a cup of fragrant tea, the fragrance is overflowing, and the charm is endless. In reading, Ren Sisi's delicate fragrance dilutes and sinks, precipitates thoughts, and realizes life from it! Ceramic Painted TeapotsZisha and tea culture complement each other, an incomparable combination. This is a unique effect that can only be exerted by the artistic civilization handed down through historical origins and craftsmanship. A good pot, filled with the vicissitudes of the next years, sees the joys and sorrows of the world.

The integration of calligraphy, seal engraving, and painting, which is displayed on the purple sand pot, is the essence of Chinese culture. The molding art of purple sand unifies the essence of many How To Paint Ceramic TeapotsChinese cultures and forms an extremely elegant cultural and artistic temperament. Zisha is a kind of natural clay, rich in iron, calcium, sodium, potassium, zinc and other elements. It can improve the immunity of the human body for a long time. For the aroma of tea, tea leaves are occasionally left in the purple tea pot with regular tea, and the water also has the fragrance of How To Repair A Cracked Ceramic Teapottea. Therefore, a good pot is inseparable from genuine materials and ingenuity. Hello everyone, I am the treasurer. Yixing, Jiangsu, has been an old craftsman for most of his life. I am old and my body is not good, so I have been in the workshop in recent years, and now I am mainly engaged in genuine purple sand pot Can You Put A Ceramic Tea Kettle On The Stovebusiness. I signed a few good Zisha pot masters in Yixing. The minerals are processed by the authentic Zisha of the local mine. I do n’t know how to surf the Internet. My daughterinlaw supplies goods to some physical stores in Shanghai and also helps me use WeChat to sell in the circle of friends.

I have always believed that helping pot friends to buy authentic good purple sand pots is to cultivate Best Tea Kettle For Ceramic Top Stovetheir own minds and build up good fortune. In addition, I also hope to help you understand purple sand and fall in love with purple sand. Whether you choose our purple sand pot or not, I hope that the purple sand knowledge in the store can help you choose and distinguish true Tea Kettle For Ceramic Top Stovepurple sand. In the ancient times, purple sand was by no means an ordinary craft raw material. It carried the culture of traditional Chinese tea zen, and making purple sand was not only a simple skill, but also a ford and a piety. Honestly, I hope you choose my purple sand works Small Handmade Ceramic Teapotsnot only because of business, but also because you can't get used to the mixed purple sand market. Now the market is full of many lowcost chemical pots and mold pots, which not only disrupts the market but also endangers consumers' health. This is simply blasphemy of purple sand crafts and blasphemy of old ancestors. I hope you Small Ceramic Teapotscan add me to WeChat and get some knowledge of Zisha. You will not buy fake Zisha pots. Now add WeChat to receive a copy of the manual for identifying genuine and fake Zisha pots for Bella Ceramic Kettle Targetfree, limited to the top 20. Persistence: Only make the real Yixing Zisha Persistence: Traditional manual craftsmanship

Why is Yixing's Zisha pot so famous? It ’s not just superb craftsmanship, but the real reason is that the purple sand produced by Yixing has good texture, high iron content, good water absorption Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle Targetand exhaust rate after firing, it is used to make tea, color, fragrance and taste Great. Therefore, the first criterion for judging a good pot is to see if the mud is authentic and whether it is Yixing raw ore purple sand. Conscience make Inexpensive Ceramic Teapotspots, stay away from chemical pots! How to choose a wide variety of pots? So how to choose a good pot? Fang Run advises you to choose carefully from the five aspects of clay, shape, work, style and function. Mud According to the analysis of modern science, the molecular structure of the purple clay pot is indeed different from other clays, that is, the same purple clay, the Cat Ceramic Teapotstructure is also different, with slight differences. In this way, due to the different raw materials, the functional utility and the functional sensations are different.

Good functional utility is good quality, otherwise it is poor quality; good functional experience is good quality, otherwise it is poor quality. So to evaluate the pros and cons of a purple sand How Do I Drill A Hole In A Ceramic Teapotpot, the first is the pros and cons of mud. Compared with other pottery clay, a distinctive feature of Zisha is that it feels different. Touching nonpurple objects is like film glasswaresticking hands, How To Drill A Hole In A Ceramic Teapotwhile touching purple sand objects is like touching red bean pastefine but not greasy, very comfortable. So to evaluate a purple sand pot, the texture of the pot is very important. How to evaluate these shapes is also the benevolent sees the benevolent, the wise sees the wisdom, and each has his own love and cannot be forced. There How To Drill A Hole In A Ceramic Teapotare countless types of purple sand pots, and we should not agree with each other which type is good and which type is not. Just like the art genre, there is no good or bad, but acting in this genre shows the pros and cons. In my opinion, the ancient clumsiness is the best, Bella Electric Ceramic Kettle Replacement Lidthe generous second, the clean show again, and the fun second. What makes sense? Because the purple sand pot is part of the entire tea culture, the artistic conception it pursues should be the artistic conception pursued by the tea ceremony: indifferent and peaceful, extraordinary, and the ancient humble is most harmonious with this atmosphere, so the ancient humble is the best.

Points, lines, and surfaces are the basic elements that make up the purpleshaded potshaped body. In the process of forming the purpleshaded pot, they must Bella Electric Ceramic Kettle Reviewbe clear and clear. Just like a fine brush painting, the pen must be cleared, twisted, twisted, and frustrated. The surface must be light and light, and the hair must be hair; the line must be straight and straight, and the song must be curved; the point must be square, and the circle must be round, and there must be no vagueness. Otherwise, it is not a good pot. Bella Electric Ceramic Kettle Spanish TileAccording to the special requirements of the purple sand pot molding process, the spout and the handle should be absolutely in line, and the weight should be balanced. This is also a requirement of workers. The purely handmade purple sand tea set is very different from the machine made. Really fine workmanship, beautiful overall, and the surface of the pot feels rough. Traditionally, Zisha pots are priced per person, and famous pots are worth hundreds of times. Especially prominent Bella Ceramic Electric Tea Kettlein the commodity society. In this way, many imitation masters are prone to appear on the market. Forged counterfeits are common. Buying famous pots requires special care. The biggest difference between the Gongzisha pot and other artworks is that it is a very practical work of art. Its art is all used in Chinese art. If it loses its meaning, the art no longer exists. Therefore, the functional beauty of the pot must not be Amazon Bella Electric Ceramic Kettleignored. The functional beauty of the purple sand pot is moderately tall and the lid is tight and the water is smooth.

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