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How To Make A Slab Clay Teapot

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According to the current tea drinking habits of people in southern China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, two to five people usually drink, and it is Bella 13622 Electric Ceramic Kettlebest to use a volume of 350 ml. Its capacity is just about four cups. It only needs one hand to touch, so it is called a hand pot. The height of the purple sand pot is useful. The tall pot is small and black tea should be brewed; the short pot is large and green Bella 1.2 Electric Ceramic Kettletea should be brewed, but it must be moderate. If it is too high, the tea will lose its taste. The scenery also has a poor spout from the spout, and a few small beads of tea have reached large leaves in the pot, which is easy to plug. At present, the pot has been renamed as a tea pot according to the habits of tea drinkers. Makes the water flow clearer than before. It is required that the lid of Bella 1.5-L Ceramic Electric Kettlethe pot is tight, so that the water from the pot can fall into the sea of tea without falling into the pot. It seems that it has little to do with functional beauty, but it is actually about hygiene. All these are common standards. I hope you can add me to WeChat and Bella 14537 Electric Ceramic Kettleget some knowledge of Zisha. You will not buy fake Zisha pots .... Persistent: Only make the real Yixing Zisha. Persistence: The culture of traditional handmade crafts.

One of the important reasons why the Zisha pot art originated, developed, and became famous in Yixing is its unique highquality, purple sand mud. Zisha Bella 1.2L Electric Ceramic Kettlehas many origins. Why is Yixing's Zisha pot so famous? It ’s not just superb craftsmanship, but the real reason is that the purple sand produced by Yixing has good texture, high iron content, and good water absorption and exhaust rate after firing. It is used to make tea. good. Therefore, judging whether it is a good pot or Bella 14522 Cordless Electric Ceramic Kettlenot, the first criterion is to look at the mud, whether it is authentic Yixing raw ore purple sand. The beautiful city of Yixing carries the dream of the potmaker, which is both life and love. Rather than making a pot, it is better to pass on a craft ... Thank you for the gift of nature, and use her flaws to Bella 14522 Cordless Electric Ceramic Kettle 1.2L White And Silvercreate human wealth. China is proud of Zisha and Yixing is proud of you. In my own backyard and old house, I bought purple sand raw ore. After being selected, they were piled up in the open air and weathered. Over time, they were covered with weeds. Many businesses now purchase mud directly from the mud plant in order to save time and resources, but the mud in the Bella 1.2-Liter Electric Ceramic Kettleplant is either prone to fakes, or is not weathered or old enough, or it is practical to purchase and produce it.

Choosing mud is a musthave job every day, good pots Bella 1.8 L Electric Ceramic Kettlemust use good materials! The old room is very particular about the temperature, and the door must not be opened in and out. Preserving the original color of purple sand Everyone says that the water of purple sand is deep, but I am a straight person and do n’t like to bend Bella Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle Reviewsaround. The four generations of the ancestors are all potmaking families. They have certain feelings for purple sand. The purple sand products have their own characteristics during the firing process, and it is impossible to make each pot exactly the same. No matter what problems you encounter, you Bella 1.2L Ceramic Electric Tea Kettlecan always contact us, and we will definitely give you a satisfactory answer. Please forgive me if you can't do it! We will announce the newly made Zisha pot on WeChat. Long press the QR code to add WeChat. Persistence: only the real Best Ceramic Electric Tea KettleYixing Zisha. Persistence: Traditional handicraft 135 editor. Shouqingyuan mine bottom mud collected from peers several years ago Material, the corns can be clearly seen on the surface, it is difficult to find now.

The aging mud must be placed in a dry and closed environment. The aging septic tank in the family'The Best Ceramic Electric Kettles house for three years has cleared the mud, which has strong plasticity, and the pot can not be cracked. First of all, make the pot body, and the appearance is as smooth as jade after refining it. Refining the pot and handle, regardless Ceramic Electric Kettle Australiaof the small parts, is the finishing touch. The neatness of the mouth of the pot directly affects the air tightness of the pot, and it is cautious; it can imitate my pot, but it cannot imitate my style, a special chapter. Identifying the real purple sand The purple sand pot is Ceramic Electric Kettle Amazongenerally monotonous and not fancy. Heavy but not bright, bright tones are often the addition of metal oxides, which may have adverse effects on the body. In addition, there will be shrinkage during the burning process of the purple sand pot, and the shrinkage of different muds will be different, and the folds will be different. Pour Ceramic Electric Kettle Austhe freshly boiled water into the pot and pour it along the pot, and cover the pot. You will see that the water is not flowing down, but is slowly drained. The lid is moistened slowly, and then drained slowly. This is because purple sand has a doublelayered pore structure and good air permeability, which can be used as one of the basis for judgment.

Yixing purple sand soil is mainly composed of clay, quartz, mica and so on. These minerals make the purple teapot delicate to the touch, but not Ceramic Electric Kettle Indiasmooth and different from porcelain and enamel. The smoothtouch purple sand pot is either fake mud or there is a problem in a certain process, you should buy it carefully. The purple sand pot has a high density, and it has a heavy feeling when measured by hand. If you want to judge the quality of the purple sand pot from the weight, you must always play the highquality Ceramic Electric Kettle Ukpurple sand pot and master its sense of weight. One pot serves one tea. The structure of the carcass of purple sand is relatively special. The structure of the two pores is arranged, and the molecules are arranged in scales. The absorption Bialetti Electric Ceramic Kettle Reviewsrate of tea extracts in the tea soup can promote the change of the carcass. The smell of tea. Love pot good drinkers. After obtaining the purple sand pot and maintaining it and removing the earthy smell of the sand pot, use several types of tea to test the pot. According to your own preferences, and finally decide which kind Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle Walmartof tea to make in this pot, it has not changed since then. Wipe often

In the process of brewing tea, wiping the pot with a cotton wet tea towel with the brewed tea Ceramic Electric Tea Kettle Amazonsoup can effectively promote the teapot to be clean and tidy. Frequently nourishing tea soup can promote changes in the quality of the teapot. Note that when using a tea towel, be careful not to rub too hard. For some pots with curved and drooling shapes, it is necessary to wipe the White Ceramic Electric Tea Kettletea soup in the lower part of the pot in time. So as not to cause the defect of the whole package of the pot due to poor maintenance for a long time. For the flow of the pot, the transfer place, the inside and outside edges of the pot lid, and the transfer place of the pot button should be carefully wiped. Lugulake Ceramic Electric Tea KettleThese remote places are easy to accumulate and will affect the overall maintenance effect of the teapot.
Yixing purple sand is unique in material and made of tea set. The tea is fragrant and breathable. Bialetti Ceramic Electric Tea KettleCan produce pleasant halo in use and play! It makes people have a kind of intimacy towards it, so they Toastess Cordless Ceramic Electric 1.2 Liter Kettle In Whiteare cherished by the great collectors of all ages.The collection of purple sand varies from person to person. Generally, the following situations are discussed separately:

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