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How To Make A Teapot Spout Out Of Clay

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Most of the friends who like the history of Zisha should have heard this name. Mr. Gu Jingzhou of Small Ceramic Teapot With Infuser Tiehuaxuan has deep roots in this shop. He used to make pots for Tiehuaxuan when he was young. He also knew Tiehuaxuan's owner Dai Xiangmin. One of the stone scoops was donated to Dai Xiangmin, which is called Xiangmin stone scoop. The full White Ceramic Teapot With Infuser name of Xiangming Stone Scoop Tiehuaxuan is Tiehuaxuan Pottery Company. The founder is Dai Guobao. He was originally a master of porcelain carving and exquisite calligraphy. He carved and painted on porcelain with iron needles, hence the name Tiehuaxuan. Dai Xiangmin took over and operated the highend Cheap Ceramic Teapot With Infuser craft of purple sand. Dai Xiangming Zuo, Luo Guixiang Zhong, and Gu Jingzhou You are not only Mr. Jing Zhou, but also Cheng Shouzhen, Fan Dasheng, Chen Guangming, Wu Yungen, Wang Yinchun, etc., who supply raw materials to Tiehuaxuan. They are all masters. Tiehuaxuan's seals are mostly printed by Primula® Ceramic Teapot With Stainless Steel Infuser In White Yanghuaxuan, with a round frame or a box on the outside. There are also several seals and seals such as potter, engraving, company or shop owner. Wu Desheng said that the name of Wu Desheng Pottery Company may not know much, but if the Jinding trademark is mentioned, many pot friends know it. The owner is Wu Hanwen. He is good Primula® Ceramic Teapot With Stainless Steel Infuser at carving inscriptions on purple sand. Qian Qian. Shuo carved

Artists who made blanks for Wu Desheng Pottery Company include Hu Yaoting, Wang Xichen, Chu Yinlan, Feng Guilin, etc. They are also a number of pot makers, and their longterm hires Mr. Yun Ting to Can You Put A Ceramic Teapot In The Microwave engraving. His models include Shou Shi, Shi Xi, Shuo Shuo, and Hu Ting It is Ren Laotao's engraving. The Brown Ceramic Teapot Made In Japan Jinding trademark has its own registered trademark, which is a circular pictogram, a fourcharacter regular script Jinding trademark in Yangwen, which has a tripod and a small one. Mao Shunxing Maoshunxing Pottery Store, founded for Mao Shunxing, was quite prosperous in the 1930s. At one time, Zhu Kexin, Wang Yinchun, Wu Yungen, Shen Xiaolu, etc. were hired to make their blanks, and Ren Xiuting and Jiang Yongxi were decorated with ceramics. Note: Mao Shunxing is the father of Mao Guoqiang, a contemporary pottery engraver. In addition to Glass Teapot With Ceramic Infuser the production of Lixin pottery, it is also beneficial to Yong pottery, Chen Dinghe pottery, Lixin pottery, Fukang, Yufeng, etc. These were very famous trade names at the time, and also the historical imprint of Zisha's prosperity at that time. After the purple sand mud is mined, it needs to undergo many processes such as refining, elutriation, sieving, staleness and so on to become cooked mud. Therefore, the texture and color of the good mud are uniform. . But some pots have black and white spots on the surface of the Clean Inside Ceramic Teapot pot. The black spots are ferric tetroxide, which is iron that appears on the pot after high temperature firing.

The white point is because the limestone becomes lime after firing, and the white point appears on the pot. When the lime white point swells with Ceramic Teapots Walmart water, it will cause a small piece of the kettle to fall off, which is a burst. This phenomenon is sometimes not easy to detect. It will slowly expand after brewing tea, which seriously affects the quality of the purple sand pot. Impurities such as basalt have different shrinkage rates and Ceramic Insulated Teapot colors, and the fired product will have spots and irregular particles. . The other is groundwater. In order to achieve a specific effect, some raw mud, cooked ceramic fragments, powder, and particles are added to achieve artistic effects. Raw mud mixed with another raw mud of a different color will produce another color, and uneven mixing will achieve the effect of flowing clouds. Also, when making the pot, the raw mud and the pottery are evenly blended. After firing, due to the different shrinkage rates of the two, uniform particles will appear on the surface. It looks like orange peel, pear peel, and pomegranate peel. Distinction between epidermis and impurities. It should be noted that the real purple sand good pot has pure color, uniform particles, and no impurities and flaws. The color of the ground mud and granule skin pots should also be pure.

As the saying goes, there is a teapot where tea people are. From ancient times to the present, scholars and scholars regard it as a fashion to have a good purple sand pot, because playing with purple sand is not only selfcultivation, but also reading cultural history. So how should the purple sand pot be played? Many pot friends buy pots , No less paying tuition, after all, buy a pot like hearsay, no opinion and like to read the post, see the socalled old player experience, etc., the following share some correct experience, for reference only. Five things to do when buying a pot are to see that the purple sand pot with different materials has different teafitting properties. Before choosing a pot, you should look at the type and quality of mud. The quality of the mud is related to the late soaking effect of the pot. Buying the pot and playing with the pot must first look at the mud. The socalled highquality mud has the characteristics of not being colored and not greasy. Seeing by eye: the type can be basically distinguished according to the color of the fetus. Purple clay lifter purple clay pot: Purple clay materials are generally in a variety of shades of purple after firing, such as purple red, purple brown, purple brown, dark purple and so on. Zhu Clay Pot: Clay pot made from Clay and Red Clay. It should be red but not bright, and its color is natural.

Lipi mud for the Spring Museum to display the rare mud of Lipi mud, refers to the small amount of existing and relatively rare mud, such as mine No. 4 and No. 5, can be based on the mud samples in the museum exhibition hall as a reference, and Look at the comparison of professional purple sand books, remember to refer to regular books, and analyze the specific situation. The firing conditions have changed a lot. If the craftsmanship of the purple pot is rough, in addition to the unsightly appearance, it sometimes affects the use. For example, the thickness of the spout is uneven, and whether the workmanship is fine can be reflected in many aspects. Details processing: From the perspective of workmanship, it is mainly reflected in the processing of the dimensions of the handle, the lid, the button, and the spout, whether the transition between the spout is natural, and whether the overall weight of the pot is true. Good works generally have very delicate treatments in detail. Smooth water output: The smoothness of the water sometimes directly affects the quality of tea soup. Such as making kung fu teas, it is required that the tea soup be poured out very quickly, and the smoothness of the water will affect the tea taste.

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