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Let's introduce Yixing before eating. This is a city suitable for slow life. The city is full of parks and surrounded by mountains and bamboo. The park on Longbei in the urban area may be the largest green park in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. And because it is close to Taihu Lake, Yixing's taste will be closer to that of Wuxi City. The three lakes in Taihu Lake are white and sweet, but they are different from those in Wuxi City. This city is really based on How To Make A Slab Clay Teapot farm food special. During the week of the interview, I took a time to eat in the local area and found many interesting things to share with you about food and fun routes. Welcome to continue to pay attention to the end of the town. Dim Sum First Stop: Qianlong Zan Address: Negative first floor of Yaohan Shopping Center, 288 Jiefang East Road It has many reputations in Shanghai, Ningxia, and Hangzhou, and is a traditional name of the Han nationality in Wuxi, Jiangsu, with a history of over 100 years.

When I came to Yixing, I went to the Yaohan Yixing shopping mall first. There were really few malls. Then I saw this shop, and the store was not big. Qianlong Zhan ’s master and founder Du Jiabo is the 34th generation of Qin Yuan. Most of them are some special snacks in Wuxi. I personally prefer the crab yellow xiaolongbao in Wuxi. This shop does a more traditional approach. Different from Xiaolongbao in Jiangnan, it is very big, it is really rich in meat and rich in soup. The shop is madetoorder and has a transparent window. But the only How To Make A Polymer Clay Teapot sad thing is that the skin is too thick, and I'm used to eating Xiao Long Bao, which is broken with a single poke, and it will feel a little thick after eating.   No power, not as thin as the Huzhou   and Suzhou   mentioned earlier, but because of the Taihu Silverfish blessing, it is quite fresh. The noodles are also fine noodles, which is different from what we often eat. Our noodles here like to add lard, which is more greasy. Jiangsu seems to be dominated by fine flour. The taste is sweet and light, but it is quite delicious.

Osmanthus taro seedlings are characteristic of Jiangsu. Have eaten before in Suzhou, sweetscented osmanthus brown sugar water, but sweet but not greasy. The amount of taro is relatively large and waxy. Second stop: Liuwu yakisoba address: No. 583, Jinghong Road, Donghong, Yixing Street, try: fresh diced bamboo shoots. This yakiniku store is small on the street and is open until 8pm. I like siu mai in Hangzhou very much. This one is comparable to Hui Xin. What's more interesting is the styling, which is made like Xiao noodles. The How To Make A Teapot Pottery Wheel entrance is also full of soup and the skin is thin. Third stop: Shi Ji Dumpling Address: No. 280, Dongxian South Road, Dingshu Town Try it on: egg yolk dumplings, red bean dumplings, sesame dumplings, fresh meat dumplings, egg yolk, lion head dumplings, but this one should be the richest variety I have ever eaten The most solid one. Ding Shu is not far from Yixing city, more than 20 minutes. Because the artisans of the purple sand pot to be interviewed are gathered here, half of the time will also stay in Ding Shu.

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