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How To Paint Ceramic Teapot

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In the process of brewing tea, wiping the pot with a cotton wet tea towel with the brewed tea soup can effectively promote the teapot to be clean and tidy. Frequently nourishing tea soup can promote changes in the quality of the teapot. Note that when using a tea towel, be careful not to rub too hard. For some pots with curved and drooling shapes, it is necessary to wipe the tea soup in the lower part of the pot in time. So as not to cause the defect of Ceramic Electric Kettle Australia the whole package of the pot due to poor maintenance for a long time. For the flow of the pot, the transfer place, the inside and outside edges of the pot lid, and the transfer place of the pot button should be carefully wiped. These remote places are easy to accumulate and will affect the overall maintenance effect of the teapot.
Yixing purple sand is unique in material and made of tea set. The tea is fragrant and breathable. Can produce pleasant halo in use and play! It makes people have a kind of intimacy towards it, so they are cherished by the great collectors of all ages.The collection of purple sand varies from person to person. Generally, the following situations are discussed separately:

Yixing Zisha started from the Northern Song Dynasty to the present. Due to the differences in the mining and processing technology of the Zisha mud in different years, the cultural literacy and level of craftsmanship of the artists have formed different styles and patterns, leaving the works with imprints and characteristics of different eras. . Therefore, from the perspective Ceramic Electric Kettle Amazon of historical research, an old teapot with primitive craftsmanship from the current point of view of the people, as long as it reflects the raw material processing, production technology and historical culture of that era, it has collectible value. If you have a purple sandpot named "Yangjiao Mountain" in the Northern Song Dynasty, even if the craft is extremely rough, it is a rare treasure. Date in the early Ming Dynasty

Appreciative collection Yixing Zisha master craftsmen have appeared, many masterpieces. Many collectors use this collection for fun, appreciation, taste, and play as their main purpose, collecting celebrity masterpieces of various periods, as well as some of the bestknown, but exquisite workmanship, beautiful shapes. This type of collection should pay special attention to factors such as the shape of the work, whether it is dignified, whether the appearance is complete, and whether the technique is superb. When collecting the works of contemporary celebrities, more attention should be paid to whether the works are innovative Ceramic Electric Kettle Aus and awardwinning. Is there a highgrade cultural atmosphere? At the same time, attention should be paid to the artistic reputation and personality of the author. When you collect these excellent works, you must be careful and careful, because Yixing Zisha's celebrity masterpieces have a lot of fakes from ancient times to the present, there are counterfeits in ancient times, and there are more fakers today! In addition, we must also see that the works of famous purple sand masters, especially the works of contemporary masters, are not necessarily topquality, so "true" is the firm foundation, and "fine" is in place. Investment collection

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