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How To Paint On A Ceramic Teapot

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This kind of collection investment is like stock trading, and the mentality is very important! If you want shortterm behavior to be quick and profitable, it is not advisable to have speculative behavior. Of course, not a book is not without it. Such a longterm investment is designed to preserve and increase the value of the reward. This will reduce the risk and increase the value. New masterpieces by famous artists are of course the first choice of collection, but we should see if the prices are reasonable to prevent skyhigh prices today. The price in ten years is not long. This is the taboo of investing in collections! It is recommended Ceramic Electric Kettle India to collect some of the fine works of contemporary young talents with fine art skills and potentials for development. The prices of their works are not very high. With the passage of time, the age of the artist has increased, and the technical skills The promotion of his works gradually adds value, and today's young and middleaged craftsmen may become tomorrow's masters of Chinese arts and crafts! By that time, the collection in your hands is a valuable baby! Counterfeiters are everywhere. The works of young and middleaged purple sand craftsmen are often found in the market. When buying and collecting, you must take extra care, identify them carefully, and be safe. Jinzang's metaphorical reminder: the next "four first" Jianhu method, please read it! Jinzang's metaphorical reminder: The chart in this article is a master of the purple sand generation in the Kangxi reign of the Qing dynasty.
F004D.jpgIt is said that someone fancyed a purple sand teapot from the farmer's family and offered a very attractive price for the farmer to transfer. It was said that the next day the money and the goods would be delivered at the same time. However, the simple farmer faced the high transfer price, but it seemed to be anxious to take advantage of others, so he wanted to clean the unkempt purple sand pot, and then dedicate it to the buyer to achieve a slight balance in the soul. However, the farmer never expected that when the man saw the cleaned purple sand pot, he didn't want that pot anymore, because he wanted to buy a teapot with tea scale, and now the precious tea on the pot The dirt was washed away, so he thought that the pot had no original value. So there is such a topic: Is the value of the Ceramic Electric Kettle Uk old teapot of the purple sand pot lie in the tea stain on the pot? Let ’s talk about what is a good pot? The reason why a purple sand pot is a good pot is mainly two factors: first, the innate quality is good, including clay, production skills and creative level, etc .; both have a good performance; the second is wellborn. Due to the material characteristics of the purple sand pot, there are many small microholes on the inner and outer surfaces. The scientific opening and raising of the pot will make these micropores absorb the full tea air, and make the pot body appear charming luster from the inside out. This kind of natural luster like oil is what people call encapsulation. The thick paste indicates that the purple clay pot is not only of high quality, but also has been used for years. Because inferior pots can't raise good pulp.

However, good pulp does not come out of tea stains. Tea scale is an organic substance. If it is allowed to soak into the pores on the surface of the pot without washing it away, it will rot and mold. This is why many old pots that have not been used for many years always smell a kind of moldy gas. Some people have said that the old pot is valuable because it absorbs a large amount of tea essence in the wall of the pot, and the boiled water can also make the tea flavor. In fact, it is a fallacy that is passed on to others. Imagine if someone really took an old moldy pot and made it for you without washing it, would you dare to drink this cup of tea? After brewing tea in the purple sand pot, you must wipe it clean with Bialetti Electric Ceramic Kettle Reviews warm water from the tea towel. Never leave any dirt on the outside of the teapot. Rinse the pot with boiling water and dry it for the next time. The pot's pulp depends on the tea aroma and time, and the owner of the teapot accumulates caress, and slowly raises it. Wait for the slight convexity on the pot body to smooth out, the micropores are full, and the slurry will come out naturally. Many tea friends pay attention to red, green, blue, black and white. A teapot only makes one kind of tea. I'm afraid that the teapot smells because of the small variety of tea. How can the tea scales damage the small environment in the teapot? Therefore, the reason why old pots are valuable is probably because the old pots have good mud, good workmanship, and have a certain historical and cultural value.

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