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How to use purple sand pot

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First five questions to buy a pot:

(1) what kind of tea do you like to drink

(2) what kind of tea do you like to drink

(3) what kind of clay and vessel do you like

(4) what is the ideal price (5) just practical or just buy and collect

Zisha pot is a combination of practical arts and crafts, beginners can see from the clay work style

Mudis the fundamental value of purple sand pot in China, only yixing dingshan can be mined with a double porous structure of purple sand clay compared with other pottery clay, a notable feature is that feel different vitreous objects, there will be sticky feeling, and the purple sand pot feels like bean paste, thin but not greasy, very comfortable

It refers to the overall coordination of the purple sand pot. It can be seen whether the spout cover and handle are on the line and whether the three are harmonious

It mainly depends on the process of pot making. Beginners can start with details, such as whether the engraving or decals on the body are detailed and vivid, whether the lines are smooth, whether the connection between the body and the spout is natural, and whether the lid and the body fit tightly

clay teapot.png

It refers to the poems, calligraphy and seals engraved on the zisha pot. The engraving by a famous person will enhance the artistry and collection value of the zisha pot

Functionality, mainly in the capacity of appropriate height appropriate use whether to grasp the comfort and water is smooth and other aspects

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