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On the basis of the master,if you go further,you need to have a lasting desire for art,and have the courage to give up everything for art. Then you can afford a Zong and become a master. For example,Gu Jingzhou,for the sake of life,has cultivated many contemporary masters Ceramic Teapot Electric of purple sand and made great contributions to the purple sand industry. There is still a legend behind the master. This kind of person achievement may not be related to his qualifications,but he must have the ability to lead an industry and achieve an era. For example,Chen Mansheng,because of his influence,has made countless literati inscriptions on the purple sander. He created the purple sand literary era,which makes the utility have both artistic appreciation and thus changed an industry,so it can be called legend. In the purple sand circle,I think so for the definition of master

Finally,there is one more thing to say. For the time being,regardless of the above classification,we can also call the very good purple sand people who make the pots Ceramic Teapot Ebay masters and the very good purple sand works as master works. So how do we measure the relationship between the two? I think that after a purple sand person is positioned as a master,it cannot be said that all his works are master works. On the contrary,an ordinary purple sand person,if his works are called master works,Then this purple sand person called it a master is not an exaggeration. Zisha has two Lu   Lu Yichen,Lu Junjie. As a father and son,Lu Yichen and Lu Junjie have become two masters of contemporary purple sand art. Lv Yichen and Lu Junjie created the Lupai Pot Art on the Chinese purple sand art scene with a distinct artistic style.

Nearly a hundred pieces of purple sand boutiques appeared in Guangzhou,to see the works of Zisha Two Lu. Lu Yichen is a master of Chinese arts and crafts,a national nongenetic inheritor. He has learned from others,boldly Ceramic Teapot England innovated,and his opening ceremony of Lvs twisted mud technique,It changed the original connotation and form of Zisha pottery art,and was praised as the pot art magician,and put forward the creation theories such as work outside the pot and read pot theory. Nearly a hundred pieces of purple sand boutique appeared in Guangzhou,to see the works of Zisha Lu Junjie is the first Chinese artist to receive the International Olympic Electric Ceramic Teapot Committee Coubertin Gold Medal,a master of Chinese ceramic art,which is famous for its originality and crossborder innovation. His creative style is both elegant and elegant,and the Western Impressionist School is fluent,creating a unique and temperament.

In this exhibition,Lv Yichen and Lu Junjie not only brought new works of new creations in recent years,such as Lu Yichens and,Lu Junjies etc.also carrying Dai Junjie,13 Lumen disciples,including Mao Fangrong,Hong Li,and Wu Junkang,show the inheritance of Zisha art in nearly 100 works. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition,two masters,Lu Yichen and Lu Junjie,donated Zisha works to the 1978 Ceramic Elephant Teapot Art Museum with their disciples. 1978 Art Museum is located in the core area of ??Reform and Open Street of 1978 Cultural and Creative Park in Guangzhou. With the theme of Zisha Culture,it integrates the collection,exhibition,research,training and exchange of Zisha culture and art. The exhibition area covers more than 2,000 square meters. It is a professional exhibition hall for the research and exchange of Zisha culture,with professional exhibition areas such as the exhibition area and cultural exhibition area.

Wu Zheng,director of the 1978 Art Museum,said that the 1978 Art Museum is based on the concept of openness and integration,and promotes the advancement and development of Chinese contemporary art as a duty to build a professional communication platform for Zisha lovers. The Ceramic Teapot On Electric Stove Yunyun Xinyang·Zisha Master Art Exhibition will be held at the Xinyang Museum. The Cao Yalin works will be held at the Xinyang Museum for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Peoples Republic of China. To celebrate the festive atmosphere,inherit and promote the Chinese traditional culture. Xinyang City Federation of Industry and Commerce,Minjian Xinyang Municipal Committee,Xinyang Arbitration Commission,and Yixing Ceramic Industry Association jointly hosted the Hu Yun Xinyang·Zisha Master Art Exhibition from September 26th to October 15th,aiming at artistic The integration of Yixing Zisha Culture and Xinyang Tea Culture will promote the tourism of Xinyang and promote rural revitalization. The pot rhyme Xinyang·Zisha famous art exhibition will be held in Xinyang Museum Han Jun pot Wu Yungen

It is understood that the opening ceremony will be held at 1000 am on September 26th,and more than 120 pieces of art works by 45 Chinese artists including Chinese arts and crafts master Cao Yalin,Chinese ceramic art master Chu Jiquan,Jiangsu provincial arts and crafts master,and ceramic art master Wu Shuying. More than 10 days of tour. Among them,more than 60 pieces of Heath Ceramics Teapot Ebay Zhongzhou Zisha Art Museum cover the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Lele Taoshe has a representative work of 36 people per person and 30 pieces of master works invited to participate. The pot rhyme Xinyang·Zisha famous art exhibition will be held in Xinyang Museum. The walnut Wang Baogen tired bird Xigui bamboo shadow Yuhui Zen heart is waiting for the clear wind to open a pool of spring water,your handpainted jade color is difficult to fade,I look at the floating flavor of the pot bottom Name

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