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When Chinese people receive guests,they often make a pot of hot tea.When drinking tea,the Chinese people have the custom of compromising the shackles.When the owner respects the tea,the guests will touch the Yixing Teapot Types Factory Big Discount middle finger of the index finger two or three times to show their thanks.In the UK,traditional English afternoon tea is a social event after dinner.It is usually dressed in a formal dress,usually by the hostess to serve the guests personally to show respect for the guests.Tea ceremony spirit

Chinese tea,influenced by Buddhism and Taoism,pays attention to harmony,quietness and truth.A cup of tea and a lamp can create a superb spiritual realm.British tea culture pays attention to the gentleman gentleman Yixing Terracotta Teapot Factory Big Discount culture,more lively,socializing,emphasizing an elegant style.Nowadays,everyone likes old objects,Ming and Qing furniture,porcelain and wenwan.These are not only antiques,but also the precipitation of time and the testimony of history.Another reason is that they are valued.

In peoples values,all objects are definitely older and more valuable.Many people think that in the collection of teapots,it must be the same.At home,I turned out a Qingchao old teapot!Does it mean that you are really rich? The value of the old pot and the old pot is higher than the new pot.The longtime teapot on the field always Teavana Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount shoots high pricesIn fact,this is not the case,we can analyze the above statements.Considering the value of a teapot,the historical era is certainly an important factor.More importantly,it must consider its molding skills,workmanship,and artistic modeling.At home,I turned out a Qingchao old teapot!Does it mean that you are really rich?

First,a quality pot of the Qing Dynasty compares with some excellent works of contemporary power artists,and there is no need to have a high collection of contemporary works.The pots of short ages are sometimes worth more than the pots of the old ones.Second,in the auction,the old pots with high Tiny Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount prices are sold,most of them are masters of Ming and Qing dynasty pots,or literati pots,such as the works of Dabin,Chen Mingyuan,Chen Mansheng,Yang Pengnian and so on.At home,I turned out a Qingchao old teapot!Does it mean that you are really rich?

In the same way,the famous contemporary pot makers have the most works of Gu Lao,and there are many works with tens of millions of prices.Third,if the mud is not very good,how to say that the mud of the old pot is better than the Traditional Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount mud today.But todays mud is more complicated,and friends are worried about buying chemical pots,but if you cant distinguish even chemical materials,how can you get to know the old mud that is harder to understand?

If it is the mud of the Huanglongshan ore,there is no such thing as the old pot mud.The mud is good,not only in the original mine,but also in a series of processes such as refining,stale,making,and kiln.Not only that,but if you are too Temperature Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount attached to the old pot,many counterfeiters will sneak into it.Now some people specialize in collecting old pots and old pots,so that there are many fake old pots on the market.Some people even used the new pots to polish their shoes in order to achieve profitability.

At home,I turned out a Qingchao old teapot!Does it mean that you are really rich? The identification and identification of the old pots must have certain knowledge reserve requirements,so it is necessary to rationalize the pot friends in the pot.Before collecting the old pot,first of all,you need to Yixing Teapot Taobao Factory Big Discount know the purple sand so that you can avoid being deceived.In short,the old pot has a certain historical value,but not all of them are of value,and must be cautious.

The beauty of the purple sand square is that the line is stiff,the strength is straight,and the lines are sharp.And compared with the round,the square is shaped and the production process is more difficult.Then,from which angles to appreciate What is the beauty of the purple sand square? The concept should be reasonable,the proportion should be Yixing Teapot Uk Factory Big Discount appropriate,the lines should be smooth,and the virtual and real match should be appropriate.This has a very important relationship with the creativity and insights of the works.The square tea set produced does not care how many faces and how many layers there are.The key is to have a sense of layering and threedimensional space.

This is the most important visual feature of an square teapot.In the Qing Dynasty,Huang Yulins Sanding Pots and Pots and the modern Jiao Caps created by Gu Jingzhou were favored and sought after by collectors and experts because they reflected the beauty of power.The socalled square device is measured by the concept of mathematical solid Yixing Clay Teapot Uk Factory Big Discount geometry.For example,the brick square created by Mr.Pan Zhiping is dignified and wellintegrated,which is a superior work.The corner mentioned here is not only the meaning of the angle.It is a kind of temperament,that is,the upper and lower left and right lines are clearly defined,the angle is coordinated,and the symmetry is symmetrical.

The purple sand square requires stricter requirements on the mud.Usually,it is preferable to mix appropriate sand grains with mud materials such as Ping Purple and Bottom Groove Green.After firing,the sand grains appear to be hidden in the pot,but instead Yixing Teapot Value Factory Big Discount make people feel old and not dry,new and not tender,thick and not moist,delicate and not fascinating chaotic feeling.This is the process characteristic that the square goods are different from other common types of teapots.

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