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The second is the amount of tea to be thrown the amount of tea to be brewed varies from tea to tea.Generally speaking,if the amount of tea is pressed,it is about 10 grams,and it is appropriate to increase or decrease according to its Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount own taste.The situation of Puer tea is more complicated.The Puer tea with tight lines should be placed a little less.If it is thick and thick,it can be put a little more.In short,it is necessary to decide the amount of tea according to the inner quality of the tea.

The third is the use of water for tea preferably mineral water or mountain spring water,the water temperature is about 95 ° C,put down the boiling water for a while,so that the brewed tea is active.Set tea If it is pressing tea,you should first sip tea,and decide the specific grams of Yixing Clay Teapots Factory Big Discount tea according to your personal taste.warm bubble After the tea is put into the pot,inject half of the boiling water in the teapot,and then quickly pour the tea out.That is,you can wash the tea,and you can let the tea get a preliminary moisturizing stretch; if it is aged Puer tea,you can wash the tea twice,but you must wash the tea twice,otherwise you will lose the taste of tea.

a bubble out of the soup after pouring into the pot,the tea soup should be quickly poured into the tea sea,the time of the soup is determined according to the amount of tea,if the amount of tea is too much,the soup can be fast,if Yixing Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount the amount of tea is small,the soup will be out.slow.It can also be determined according to the taste of the individual.If you like strong tea,you need to have a slow soup.If you like light tea,you should have a quick soup.

Puer tea and Puer tea are different in terms of aroma type and description.They belong to two different tea systems green tea and black tea).Lets talk about raw tea today.Puer tea has many types of aromas.In addition to the vigorous development of these years,more and more people are exposed Yixing Zisha Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount to and accustomed to drinking Puer tea.Over time,there are various words describing the aroma in the folk,combined with Puer.The aroma characteristics of tea itself can not be said to be wrong.It belongs to the term popular.Next,I would like to say general.

One of the most commonly used aroma descriptions in Puer tea.It means fresh and indifferent,although there is no scent of nose,it has a sense of elegance,natural harmony,and makes people feel comfortable.The odor of the tea leaves is composed mainly of Yixing Pottery Marks Factory Big Discount chlorophyllin and some simple aliphatic molecules.At the beginning of the killing,as the leaf temperature rises,the homeopathic chlorophyllin is largely volatilized and converted into transchlorophyllin,and some simple aliphatic molecules produced by degradation at high temperatures form the characteristics of the fragrance.

Florals are common in Puer tea and are diverse.Floral or like lily of the valley,or like a lily,in general,pure fragrance,just a pure sense of smell.The substance that contributes the most to the fresh and refreshing floral scent of raw tea is linalool,which is a highboiling aroma substance,which is volatilized by a lowboiling aroma substance represented Yixing Teapot Makers Marks Factory Big Discount by phytolitol,such as lily or lily of the valley.The floral fragrance is revealed.The level of tea,the variety of tea trees and the planting environment,and the season of harvesting are closely related to the content of linalool.This content also directly or indirectly causes different aroma characteristics of each grade,season,region and variety.

Soluble sugar is high in Puer tea,generally accounting for 47% of dry matter,and sugar is also common in Puer tea.Among them,the sugary scent is the most prominent.It is often accompanied by a strong Yixing Teapot Decoration Style And Its Famous Masters Factory Big Discount returning sweetness and a cool throat,so it is a characteristic of excellent tea quality.The composition of the sugary fragrance has some overlap with the sweet and fragrant honey,on the other hand,the aroma of some sugars.

The fragrant Puer tea has a good quality.Many teas in the tea area can express honey for a long time during storage,and honey is also common in Puer tea.This aroma is longlasting,easy to describe and understand,and easy to remember other teas also have a lot of flavors and descriptions about honey).Sometimes you can drink a cup of pure honey and you can keep your mouth for a Chinese Teapot Set Yixing Factory Big Discount long time.The combination of honey fragrance and floral fragrance constitutes the characteristics of most Puer tea raw tea in the early stage of aging.The main aroma component that forms the honey fragrance is benzyl phenylacetate,which has a high boiling point and therefore is slow to dissipate and can exist for a long time.In addition,benzyl alcohol also has a weak honey sweetness,which also contributes to honey.

The aroma characteristic that will be expressed when the Puer tea level is high.As the name suggests,it is the aroma of milli,contrary to coarse.Mori can Chinese Yixing Zisha Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount also be said to be scented,which is a kind of fragrance that makes people feel refreshed and refreshed a feeling of freshness).

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