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With its unique physical properties and deep and simple color,Zisha is unique among ceramic forests and is increasingly favored by people.According to the literature,Yixing Zisha Duan Ni Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount began in the Northern Song Dynasty and flourished in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.The development of the Ming and Qing dynasties has reached a peak,and a large number of pottery masters and masters have emerged.When Dabin,Chen Mingyuan,Shao Daheng,Chen Shouzhen and many other famous people came out,their masterpieces were repeated,and a number of literati singers also joined the purple sand industry.

On the pot or inscription,or painting,so that the small teapot is not just a utensil,but also a rare piece of art,the pot price has also increased.Scholars and dignitaries often play pots and pots alone or together.The Zhu Ni Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount collection pot became a fashion,and the famous pot became an antique.Therefore,the small teapot represents a unique The cultural phenomenon,that is,the purple sand culture,is an organic part of our national culture and a treasure of traditional culture.Zisha pottery is a unified whole of style and decoration.The style of Zisha pottery is rich,the form is strictly regulated,the craftsmanship is exquisite and accurate,the artistic achievements are outstanding,and people are deeply impressed,so they often pay attention to the shape and neglect the decoration.

Some of the works in the Zisha pottery works are not decorated and do not need to be decorated.This type of work relies entirely on materials and craftsmanship to highlight the decorative nature of the styling itself and achieve an overall artistic effect.If this kind of purple sand pottery works are barely added with decoration,it will make people feel that there is more Purple Clay Teapot From China Factory Big Discount doubt about the painting.However,there are many purple sand pottery works that need to be decorated.It is necessary to design the corresponding decoration according to the characteristics of the shape and material,but sometimes it is ignored.People often put the decoration in a dispensable position,or treat it as a simple attachment,and handle it casually.The result is the overall effect of the work.

As the main carrier of tea ceremony and tea culture,China Yixing teapot has truly formed a unique and unique connotation in the long history of nearly a thousand years.In this sense,the design,creation and production of the China Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount teapot has a higher level of purple sand from the art camp,from the art group,and has a highgrade design concept and artistic proposition.

Naturally,the formation of the teapot culture is not unique.It has a profound cultural relationship with the multifaceted society.However,from the perspective of design and creation,it is the starting point of the meaning of the meaning,the meaning of the shape or the most essential.In Chinese Purple Clay Teapot Factory Big Discount the years of creative exploration,from the perspective of the big cultural relations,we always adhere to the harmonious beauty of the overall design of the teapot,and then refine it layer by layer.

There are two levels of meaning for grasping the overall harmony First,by understanding the classics and handed down works left by the predecessors,we try our best to find out the things with the overall regularity,so that we can inherit the essence of the predecessors purple Where To Buy Authentic Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount sand art.The excellence of the ancestors,the new products of today. The second is to grasp the overall charm when specifically grasping each pot,so that this pot has a vibrating heart strength,so that the teapot has a whole harmonious beauty.

The overall harmony and beauty of the teapot is required by the producers to understand the handed down works of each period.When designing a specific teapot,they must have their own production ideas and production techniques,and strive to put a few pieces of a work.Partially Yixing Teapot Markings Factory Big Discount organically combined to create a harmonious beauty,both external and internal,should be harmoniously and naturally combined to make people feel smooth and seamless,seamless and harmonious.

Nowadays,Yixings purple sand has a vast market.The majority of purple sand artists discover traditions and bold innovations,and develop a variety of categories with pots as the leader,such as sculpture crafts,wall decorations,purple sand daily utensils such as casseroles,rice cooker liners).Pieces History Of Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount of ornaments,etc.,greatly exerted the unique material beauty of purple sand.Zisha products have been popular in China and around the world.The reputation of Yixing Zisha is getting better and better.It has become a unique art treasure in the world and will become friends with me.
Let us take the Xi Shi pot as an example.

Look at the overall structure of the pot on the front; like a person sitting,the belly is thick,the bottom is stable,and the person is watching,the phase of this person is; the rich,the noble,the endless blessing,of course,is Jixiang.The Kyrgyzstan is what we all ask for.Since Marks On Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount we are looking for a Kyrgyzstan,we must learn to do this.First of all,the person must have a certain strength,and secondly,the person must accumulate connotation,the stronger the strength,the richer the connotation,and of course the more wealthy.

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