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Issuing time:2019-12-25 11:17Author:Zisha Clay Teapot

Hello everyone,I am the treasurer. Yixing,Jiangsu,has been an old craftsman who has spent most of his life in the teapot. Older,the body is not good,so in recent years,there is no workshop,and now mainly do the authentic Bloom Ceramic Teapot For Sister teapot business. I signed a few good purple sand pot masters in Yixing,and the mineral materials are processed by authentic purple sand in local mines. I will not go online,my daughterinlaw will supply some physical stores in Shanghai,and also help me sell and sell on WeChat in the circle of friends. I have always believed that helping the pot friends to buy authentic good teapots is to cultivate selfcultivation and Ceramic Teapot Gas Stove accumulate good fortune. In addition,I also hope to help you understand purple sand,fall in love with purple sand,whether you choose our teapot,I hope that the purple sand knowledge in the store can help you choose and distinguish the true purple sand.

In ancient times,Zisha is not an ordinary craft material. It carries the culture of traditional Chinese tea Zen. Making purple sand is not only a simple skill,but Ceramic Teapot Good also a fortune and a piety. Honestly,I hope that you choose my purple sand works,not only because of business,but also because you cant get used to the current purple sand market. Nowadays,there are many lowcost chemical pots and mold pots on the market,which not only disturbs the market but also endangers the health of consumers. This is simply the craftsmanship of the purple sand and the ancestors. I hope that you Ceramic Teapot Glaze can add me WeChat,you can understand the purple sand,you will not buy a fake teapot... Now add WeChat free of charge for the identification of true and false teapot manual 1),only the top 20 . InsistOnly do the real Yixing purple sand insisttraditional handmade crafts

Why is Yixings teapot so famous? It is not just exquisite craftsmanship,the masters come forth in large numbers. The real reason is that the purple sand texture of Yixing is excellent. It has high iron content. After Ceramic Green Teapot firing,the water absorption rate and exhaust rate are good. It is used to make tea,color,fragrance and taste. All good. Therefore,to judge a good pot,the first criterion is to see if the mud is authentic,whether it is Yixing ore purple sand. Conscience to make pots,away from chemical pots! How to choose a variety of pots Ceramic Giraffe Teapot and teapots,then how to choose a good pot that is satisfactory? Fang Run recommends that you carefully select from five aspectsmud,shape,work,money,and work.

According to the analysis of modern science,the molecular structure of the teapot is different from other muds,that is,the same purple sand mud,its structure is not the same,with subtle differences. In this way,due to different raw materials,functional effects and functional sensations are Teapot Ceramic Glue different. If the function is good,the quality is good,otherwise the quality is poor; if the functional feeling is good,the quality is excellent,and vice versa. Therefore,to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of a teapot,the first is the pros and cons of the mud. Compared with other clays,Zisha has a distinctive feature that is different in hand. A nonpurple object,like a film glassware   sticky hands,and touch purple sand objects like a bean paste   thin but not greasy,very comfortable. Therefore,it is very important to evaluate the feel of a teapot.

How to evaluate these shapes is also the benevolent sees benevolence,the wise sees wisdom,and each person has love and cannot be forced. There are so many pots in the teapot,we shouldnt think of which pot type is good Teapot Ceramic Glaze and which one is not good. Just like the art genre,there is no good or bad,but the show of this genre can be seen as good or bad. I think that the ancients are the best,the second is the big ones,the second is the fine ones,and the fun is second. What is the truth? Because the teapot pot belongs to the whole tea culture,the artistic conception it Green Ceramic Teapot pursues should be the artistic conception pursued by the tea ceremonyIndifferent peace,extraordinary and refined,and the ancient is the most harmonious with this atmosphere,so the ancient is the best.

The work points,lines and faces are the basic elements that make up the shape of the purple sand pot. In the process of forming the teapot,it must be clearly explained. Just like the painting of the pen,the Ceramic Globe Teapot pens,pens and bends,and the ups and downs must be clarified. The surface must be light,the hair should be hairy; the line must be straight and straight,and the song must be curved; the point,the square must be square,the circle must be round,and there must be no ambiguity. Otherwise,it is not a good pot. According to the special requirements of the teapot forming process,the Can A Ceramic Teapot Go On The Stove spout and the pot handle should be absolutely in line,and the weight should be balanced; the combination of the spout and the lid should be strictly prohibited. This is also the requirement of work.

The purely handmade purple sand tea set is very different from the machine made. Its really fine workmanship,overall beautiful,and the surface of the pot feels rough. Traditionally,the teapot has been priced at a persons price,and the name of the famous name is 100 times. Ceramic Vs Glass Teapot Especially prominent in the commodity society. In this way,many imitations of famous artists are easy to appear in the market. Counterfeit counterfeits are not uncommon. The biggest difference between the Gongzi sand pot and other works of art is that it is a very practical art. Its art is all in the use. If you Gold Ceramic Teapot lose the meaning of use,the art is not Reappear. Therefore,we must not ignore the functional beauty of the pot. The function of the teapot is beautiful,the capacity is moderate,the height is low,the lid is tight,and the water is smooth.

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