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According to the current tea drinking habits of southern Chinese including Hong Kong and Taiwan),two to five people will drink. It is best to use a capacity of 350 ml. Its capacity is just about four cups,and Grey Ceramic Teapot the hand touches the hand,only one hand,so it is called one hand pot. The height and height of the teapot are useful. High pot small,should be soaked in black tea; low pot large,should be green tea,but must be moderate,too high tea is odorless,too short,tea is easy to overflow from the cover,making the scenery a big brake. In the scenery of the brakes,there is also a poor water in the spout. A few small pearl teas are in the pot,and they are all big leaves. It is easy to block out. At present,the pot has changed the spout according to the habit of the tea drinker. Make the water flow clearer than before. It is required that the lid of the pot Ceramic 70S Teapot Glacier is tight,so that the water of the pot can fall into the tea sea without falling into the pot. It seems that the relationship with the functional beauty is not really practical,and it is not worth mentioning. All of these are public standards.

One of the most important factors in the origin,development and fame of Zisha pot art is its unique highquality,famous purple sand mud. There are many places in Zisha. Why is Yixings Zisha pot so famous? It is Ceramic Teapot Handmade not just exquisite craftsmanship,the masters come forth in large numbers. The real reason is that Yixings purple sand has excellent texture and high iron content. After firing,the water absorption rate and exhaust rate are good. It is used to make tea,color,fragrance and taste. good. Therefore,judging whether it is a good pot,the first criterion is to look at the mud,is it the authentic Yixing mine purple sand. The beautiful Yixing town carries the dream of making pot people,that Ceramic Teapot How To Use is,life and love. It is not so much a pot,but a heritage of craftsmanship... Thanks to natures gift,using her riddled holes to create human wealth,China is proud of Zisha,Yixing is proud of you.

In the backyard of my own home,the purple sand ore that I bought in the old house was piled up here and weathered in the open air. It was covered with weeds for a long time. In order to save time and resources,many merchants buy mud directly from Ceramic Teapot Handles the mud factory,but the mud in the factory is either prone to fakes,or it is not weathered or stale,or it is selfpurchasing and production. Picking mud is a musthave job every day,and a good pot must be used! The stale room is very particular,to ensure the proper temperature,do not open the door at random. Preserve the original color of purple sand

Everyone said that the water of the purple sand is very deep,but I am a straight person. I dont like to bend around. The four generations of the ancestors are all made by the pot family. They have a certain feeling for the purple sand,but the people are not perfect,the gold is not red,and the purple Ceramic Teapot History sand products are in Each of the firing processes has its own characteristics,and it is impossible to make each pot exactly the same. No matter what problems you encounter,you can always contact us and you will be sure to give you a satisfactory answer. If you cant do anything,please bear with me! We will announce the latest teapot on WeChat.

InsistenceThe traditional handicrafts received the good raw ore bottom mud from the peers a few years ago,the surface can clearly see the chicken eye,it is difficult to find now. The stale material of the mud must Ceramic Teapot Hs Code be placed in a dry and closed environment; the house has three years of stale bottom trough clear mud,which is plastic and strong,and the pot is not torn. First of all,do a good job of the body,after the fine repair,the appearance is smooth as jade; finishing pots and pots,do not look at the small parts,it is the finishing touch.

The uniformity of the mouth of the pot directly affects the airtightness of the pot,and is cautious; it can imitate my pot,but I cant imitate my collection,special Ceramic Teapot House chapter. Identify the true purple sand generally true purple sand pot color is monotonous and not fancy. Heavy and not bright,bright colors are often added to the oxidized metal,which may have adverse effects on the body. In addition,there is shrinkage during the firing process of the teapot,and the shrinkage rates of different clays are different,and the wrinkles are different.

Pour the freshly boiled water into the pot and pour it along the pot and cover the lid. You will see that the water is not flowing down,but is slowly sucked dry. The lid is slowly moistened and then Ceramic Teapot Heart slowly sucked dry. This is because the purple sand has a doublelayered vent structure and good gas permeability,which can be used as a basis for judgment. Yixing purple sand soil is mainly composed of clay,quartz and mica. These minerals make the teapot feel fine,but not smooth distinguished from porcelain and enamel). The smooth sand teapot is either a fake mud or a problem in a certain process,you should be careful to buy.

The density of the purple sand pot is large,and the amount of hand rubbing has a thick feeling. The more inferior the pot,the smaller the density and the more frivolous. If you want to judge the advantages and Teapot Ceramic Holder disadvantages of the teapot from the weight,you must always play the highquality teapot to master its light and heavy feeling. A pot of waiter tea has a special carcass structure due to purple sand double pore structure,molecular scales),and can absorb tea extract in tea soup the water absorption rate of teapot tea set promotes the change of carcass,the well can be distributed The smell of the tea soaked. Love the pot and drink the people. After getting the teapot to Ceramic Horse Teapot maintain the pot and remove the sand pot,use some kinds of tea to test the pot. According to your preference,decide which pot. Tea,has been unchanged since then,to achieve special pot dedicated,a pot to serve a tea.

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