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It is not only the rounds that can be run,the squares in the public side processing,but also pay attention to the feeling in the square of the artistic feelings,the lines are processed at the Yixing Teapot Wiki Factory Big Discount junction to be more rounded,making the line changes more characteristic.Of course,a good work should also be based on the characteristics of the model and the creative concept,and it is not necessary to be forced to find a circle contact.

Although there is no uniform requirement for beauty,a good purple sand square will inevitably handle the relationship between line,angle and surface in the production process.In other words,as long as the relationship Yixing Ware Teapot Factory Big Discount between the three is properly grasped,No matter what style the final product reflects,it can bring great artistic appeal to the viewers and make people marvel.

Friends who play pots know a word the only teapot in the tea set is the newer and more used.This is not to say that the more you use it,the more it is like a new product,but after drinking tea,the teapot can show a fascinating Yixing Whale Teapot Factory Big Discount light,warm and jade,giving people a new look Moss treasure love,not a palm For a long time,the outer class of purple jade,inside is like a blue cloud.

Although Zisha is afraid of oil,fear of dirt,and is more afraid of falling,if you buy purple sand for use,it will seriously affect its color,which is not conducive to its preservation and appreciation.Experts in the circle said that the life of purple Yixing Teapot Youtube Factory Big Discount sand is in the tea sea,can not serve tea,the purple sand has lost the brilliance of life,it can be seen that the cultivation pot is the right way of the purple sand collection.

The pot is well raised and the price can be turned ten times!Moreover,it can also enhance your charm!

In Yixing,there are professional pot farmers,buy new pots,soak them in good tea every day,and then keep playing.After one or two years,they will produce luster and sell them at more than ten times.Although Yellow Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount this can only be regarded as a kind of commercial behavior,it also explains the importance of cultivation for the teapot on the other hand.The pot is well raised and the price can be turned ten times!Moreover,it can also enhance your charm!

Some people even said The pots of the pot people are not used for tea.They use tea to raise the temperament of the pot.Collecting teapots to raise the pot,in addition to having money,you have to Yixing Teapot Zhuni Factory Big Discount have leisure; in addition to having leisure,I have to have my heart.So long years of raising the pot,raising it later,I am afraid that it is the temperament of the pot,or my own temperament.

The pot is well raised and the price can be turned ten times!Moreover,it can also enhance your charm!The purple art culture has a long history.When I was thinking about Dongpo,I had a pot of good tea,a friend of three or five,and sat down Yixing Zisha Teapot Factory Big Discount and talked about it.The elegant life of the literati was fully exerted.Nowadays,modern people living in the material society need the return of this realm.And this return,perhaps,starts with a cup of tea and a pot...

The pot is well raised and the price can be turned ten times!Moreover,it can also enhance your charm!Think of a word adapted by a potter and give it to everyone

Water pot pot to pot water,Its also a day,and its a day.The pot does not ask for a pot,The heart is also comfortable,and the stomach is also comfortable.Save the rest of the money to buy a pot,I like it too much,and I like it less.Three pots of tea after three meals,Thick and Yixing Zini Teapot Factory Big Discount sweet,fine and sweet.I often chat with the potter,The workers also talked about it and expected to talk about it.The whole family loves pots,Poverty is also safe,and rich is also safe.Work hard in the morning and evening,Busy and optimistic,leisure is also optimistic.a pot of tea to a book,Not a god,it is like a fairy!

The shape of the purple sand pot is everchanging.If it is divided according to the shape,it can be Chinese Yixing Zisha Teapot Factory Big Discount roughly divided into the most common pot type in the three major markets of light goods,flower goods and tendons.

Light goods modeling,which is called geometric shape,is based on spherical,cylindrical,cubic,rectangular and other geometrical changes.The light goods pay attention to the combination of the outer contour lines,and use various Large Yixing Zisha Teapot Factory Big Discount lines as the decorative changes,the pot body is smooth,the surface is quite contoured,and the lines are neat.The appearance of faces,lines and corners,or rough,or plump,or strong,or delicate,presents different shapes and styles.

Most of the appearance of the flower is taken from nature.For example,the most common ones,such as pine,bamboo Antique Chinese Yixing Zisha Teapot Factory Big Discount and plum,have been refined to make them exaggerated or interesting,and to pursue the perfection of natural life and shape.

The ribs are also called ribs.The ribs are styles created from the ridges,petals,and water marks seen in life.The lines of the ribs are curved and curved.The ribbed utensils have a neat,rhythmic and vivid feel.The texture of the ribbed sculpt is clear and smooth,and the tight seam of the rib Zhongguo Yixing Teapot Factory Big Discount is a high combination of art and technology.This kind of pot art,mouth,lid,mouth,and handle must be made into a rib pattern to match the texture of the body.The rigor of the craftsmanship has reached an extremely strict level.

The first is tea set brewing Puer tea can use two tea sets,such as teapot and bowl.The purple sand pot is made of thick wall,coarse sand and Yixing Clay Teapots For Sale Factory Big Discount smooth water; the bowl is made of porcelain cover bowl or glass cover bowl,and it is more convenient to use the cover bowl for simple brewing.

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