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Official Authentic Yixing Clay Teapot Marks

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Such as kiss Xi Shis mouth wind ya a total of all the time because of your precious three thousand weak water to cook a cup,I only drink your beautiful millennium aftertaste purple sand pot with me drunk a zisha pot,the teapot and the love,It is transformed Ceramic Teapot Made In England into a firm and eternal love,and a gift to the other party is all precious because of you,so that everything in this world has turned into the soil under the pot. Purple sand,clear chest,is a gentleman in the mud,purple sand not only carries a profound cultural connotation,but also blends peoples emotions and spirit. When Yu Huaying met the purple sand,he had the following combination of artistic and practicality! National highlevel craft artist Yan HuazhenFengya has always followed,because of your precious world view and world view

With the theme of cherishing the earth,caring for life and protecting the environment,it is made of purple sand and fivecolor soil. It contains mountains,rivers,greens and life. The pot contains four combo cups,which symbolize Ibama Ceramic Electric Teapot the values ??and reflect the desire of wisdom and desire. The philosophy of life. The work Viewing the World won the gold medal in the 2018 Art Bo Cup Jiangsu Arts and Crafts Grand Prix. And in 2011,the company obtained the patent of the State Intellectual Property Office. National highlevel craft artist Yan HuazhenFengya has always followed,because of your precious contentment works contentment the first Yixing City Souvenir Creative Design Competition Gold Award. In 2011,he was awarded the National State Intellectual Property Offices patented statelevel senior craftsman,Yan HuazhenFeng Ya has always Kambrook Ceramic Electric Teapot followed,because of your precious Longxing World Dragon World in the 14th China National Crafts Awarded the Gold Medal of Chinese Arts and Crafts Innovation Art in the Fine Arts Masters Expo

National highlevel craft artist Yan HuazhenFengya has always followed,because you are precious and honest Yu Huajun works works are selected from Yixing Huanglongshan rare and highquality green ash mud,which is fired at a specific kiln temperature. The color is elegant,pure,and the Painted Ceramic Elephant Teapot shape is simple and concise. It reflects the artistic conception of the real and the introverted. The national highlevel craft artist Yu HuazhenFengya has always followed,because of your precious Fuyuan group pot The rare and highquality Benshan green mud in Yixing Huanglong Mountain is used to produce different texture effects at different temperatures and different atmospheres. This work won the gold medal in the 2nd Chinas four famous ceramic exhibitions in 2019. The national highlevel craft artist Yu HuazhenFengya has always followed,because you are precious and not doing it

The combination of Do not do it selects the rare and highquality Benshan green mud from Yixing Huanglong Mountain. The same material produces different texture effects in different temperatures and different kiln atmospheres. This special mud quality provides a new topic for the English Ceramic Teapot study of ceramic materials. The Do Not Do It combination won the gold medal in the 11th China Ceramic Art Exhibition in 2018. Yan Huaying introduced the nationallevel senior craft artist Yan HuazhenFengya has always been with you,because you are a precious national highlevel craft artist. He was awarded the title of Yixing Zisha Tao qualified passerby in 2008. Jiangsu Province Elements Ceramic Teapot Arts and Crafts Society member Jiangsu Ceramics Member of the Professional Committee Member of China Ceramic Industry Association,Jiangsu Province,Taodu Secondary Professional School Gu Jingzhou Zisha Art College parttime teacher Distinguished Researcher of Oriental Ziyu Zisha Art Research Institute

Nanjing University Zisha Culture Alumni Association special art consultant Nanjing Normal University graduated in art design,China Academy of Fine Arts Zisha Art Advanced Seminar and Tsinghua University Humanities Ceramic Art Advanced Seminar. He has been engaged in the design and production Blue Sky Ceramic Elephant Teapot of ceramic art for a long time,and is committed to the research and application of purple sand materials. He has formed his own unique creative ideas and styles and achieved a series of breakthrough landmark achievements. He has published 12 professional papers and won 7 national intellectual property patents. 18 works have been collected by many Chinese and foreign museums. Awardwinning works and collections

During the tour,a photo contest will be held,and the top three photographs will be selected to present prizes; a purple sand culture lecture will be held; a purple sand culture and tea culture live exchange seminar will be held to visualize the beauty of purple sand culture and tea culture. The Zisha Masters of Lele Exotic Ceramic Teapot Taoshe has a complete set of crafts such as pots,pottery carvings,sculptures,piles of flowers and mud paintings,and tea performances. Like other collections,teapots are also divided into levels,such as primary market and secondary market of stocks. Depending on the cost of the work and the difference of customer groups,the level and price are high or low. In general,it can be divided into four levels. The four levels of teapots,look at the teapots in your hands in the first few levels of economical practical supplies for the masses,for ordinary household use,the characteristics are simple and generous,economical and practical,a few hundred dollars can be fixed.

Buying such a pot is like walking into a small restaurant with a simple,clean and tidy decoration. The threshold is marked with the words workable consumption,good quality and low price. As long as it is to fill the stomach,there is no need to worry about it. But now the aesthetics of ordinary people are also Electric Ceramic Teapot For Sale rising,and the practical supplies can be made exquisitely,and slowly move closer to the style. If they do not conform to the market demand,they will eventually be eliminated. The four levels of teapots,look at the teapots in your hands in the first few levels. These pots are generally made by skilled craftsmen. The price is mostly influenced by the authors title and fame,ranging from thousands to 10,000 yuan. . The production is relatively good,and the rewards are suitable. As a daily necessities,the gift is also handy,and the value of appreciation is put on the tea table,which Elegant Ceramic Teapot can play a decorative role. Buying such products,like Suzhou people to eat tea,to smell the fragrance,to be light and tasteful,and even have a special smell of the cup. Four levels of teapots,look at the teapots in your hands in the first few industry leaders

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