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The great writers such as Mei Yichen,Cai Wei and Su Dongpo have left some famous teas and famous sentences.Among them,Mei Yaochens Small Stone Cold Springs,Early Flavor,Purple Mud New Products Pan Chunhua is Yixing Zisha Teapots Factory Big Discount an eternal singer.It is about cooking tea with a purple clay pot.The cooking tea evolves into tea,and the texture requirements for the teapot are relatively high.Through thousands of years of practice,people have found that tea with teapots is mellow and mellow.Because the teapot can absorb tea juice,the longer it takes,the better the taste of the tea will be.So the teapot will be As a Cheap Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount result,the masters,masters,and masters who made the teapots went to the front of the history one by one.Their names and performances were intertwined with the rise and fall of the teapot.

Then,how is the unique and precious resource Yixing purple sand mud discovered? There is a beautiful legend Yixing Dingshan Dingshu Town is located on the shore of Taihu Lake,an ordinary and beautiful town.Legend has it that a long time ago,the Chinese Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount villagers in the town went out late,ploughed the fields to do farm work,and used clay to make daily bowls and cans.In this way,they live a carefree and simple life.One day,a strange monk appeared in their town.As he walked,he shouted The rich royal soil,the rich royal soil,the villagers were very curious to see this strange monk.

When the monks discovered the doubts in the eyes of the villagers,they said,Is it not royal,cant you be rich?,people are even more confused,watching him walk straight.The strange monk raised his voice and walked quickly,as if no one was around.There Taiwan Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount are some experienced elders who feel that he is strange to follow along and walk to Huanglong Mountain and Qinglong Mountain.Suddenly,the monks disappeared.The elders looked around and saw several caves with new openings.The caves were filled with clay of various colors.The elders moved some colored clay homes,beat them,and magically burned pottery of different colors.One pass ten,ten pass hundred.

In this way,the purple sand pottery art slowly formed.In fact,the Yixing purple sand mud is also called the mud of the mountain,which is called the green mud of the mountain light yellow after burning),red mud,black mud,dark green mud and purple mud,and the yellow clay in the middle of the Antique Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount stone layer is called stone yellow.A general term for cinnabar mud red in color after firing).The color of the purple clay pottery is indeed multicolored,so it is also called fivecolored soil. Purple sand mud is distributed in the Dingshu area of Yixing.The purple sand mud in the Huanglong Mountain and Qinglongshan mud mines is the top grade.The origin of purple clay is an inland lake and a coastal lake sedimentary deposit.It is deposited by external forces and buried deep in the mountain.Purple mud is a sandwich in the mud,green mud is the interlayer in the purple mud Antique Yixing Teapots Factory Big Discount interlayer,so it is called mud mud.The cinnabar mud is a kind of yellow mud sandwiched in the middle of the stone layer,so it is also called stone yellow mud and rock mud.

According to legend,a teapot can only run one type of tea in a lifetime.Even the teapots are unique,let alone people?Several Common Clays In The Teapot

As we all know,the clay material of the teapot is basically from Yixing,and Yixing is not only beautiful in scenery,but also famous for producing pottery.It is a pottery capital with a long history.Yixing Yixing Marble Teapot Factory Big Discount is located in the southernmost part of Jiangsu Province and is located on the west bank of Taihu Lake.It is a typical hilly area.The primary sedimentary clay rock contained in the upper part of the Devonian quartz sandstone is the most ideal material for making pottery.A large number of ironbearing soils are deposited along the coast of Taihu Lake,which is also the main raw material for the ceramic industry.Yixings ceramic production areas Yixing Vintage Teapot Factory Big Discount are mainly concentrated in the area of Dingshu Town.After Huanglong Mountain was mined,it became an open river.

The purple sander is a semi sintered fine pottery product between pottery and porcelain.The socalled purple sand is not all purple,except for the purple mud,there are mainly green mud,red mud,group mud,etc.,collectively called purple sand mud.The main varieties of purple sander are tea set,wine set,tableware,stationery,flower pots and furnishings.Among them,the purple sand Yixing Zisha Clay Factory Big Discount tea set can better reflect the characteristics of the purple sand material and become a mainstream product.The reason why the purple sander is well known and enduring is that it comes from the excellent performance of the purple sand raw material and the unique effect of the material after firing.

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